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  1. 18 hours ago, Perry Apsis said:

    One time I was finishing a long hike on a hot day with two friends, Bob and Bill. For the last part of the hike, I was telling them about this nice beer I had in the fridge and we were all pretty excited about it... 

    ...but Bob and Bill had each chosen a separate path down the mountain. Each path had its merits and its disadvantages, and up until this point it had not mattered which path anyone took. And so neither Bob nor Bill could have foreseen what happened next.

    Bob said, "I will go down the path called Steem" and Bill said, "I will go down the path called Stoor".

    And then I said, "There is beer for each of you in my fridge at home, and it is very cold and good. But as it happens, I placed several beers in different locations along the Steem path, as a test of refrigeration and storage methods. I do not know whether any of them are any good. Some may not be cold. Some may not be nice. Some may not be either cold or nice."

    "Bob, since you are going down the Steem path, you can try these beers if you want. Just tell me how good they were, and that will help me do better at beers next time."

    "But I also want to get beers sooner!" said Bill. "Why did you not also put beers on the Stoor path?"

    "Because it was only practical for me to put beers on the Steem path. This path is connected to a network of paths that makes it very easy for me to put beers on it, and replace them if it turns out they are not cold or not nice."

    "Oh," said Bill, "This is a perfectly reasonable explanation."

    "I may try the beers on the Steem path, and then again I may not," said Bob. "On the one hand, I get beers sooner. But on the other, if they are not cold or nice I will get full and tired and may not be able to enjoy the beers in your fridge as much."

    "That's your choice to make, Bob," I said, "and I assure you, the beers in my fridge at home will be very nice indeed!"

    "Ha! Ha ha!" said Bob and Bill together. "You always say that!"

    Bob said, "There is usually something wrong with the first beers that come out of your fridge, and then you very hurriedly bring us to one or more mini-fridges with slightly different beers."

    "But in the end, the beers always end up being pretty good," said Bill.

    "And they get better every time we go on a hike with you," said Bob.

    And they each went their separate way down the mountain.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Mad Rocket Scientist said:

    I assume that everyone can't just do that, right?

    It shouldn't just be modders! I need to get prereleases so I can make sure... um.. screenshots still work, and stuff. OK never mind I don't need it. But I WANTS it. :) (no steam here)

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