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  1. Well: I didn’t know that until you mentioned it—but if I don’t need it I’m not downloading, I have enough problems!
  2. Yeah I probably should not have chosen this as a new name--I wasn't truly trying to make Dilsby Kerman an author avatar, or heavens forbid a Marty Stu. it's just that since "giving up" the comic years ago I've more or less used the name Dilsby throughout my online personae... and even when I rejoined I didn't think I was going to get that deep into it again until I saw what @Angelo Kerman had accomplished-- But, as the Kerbulans might say, the die is cast and we have crossed the Rubikon! Whatever Dilsby does next is and how that all works out was all plotted out five years and a couple of hard drives ago. And as to this: Seeing as "no plan has ever survived contact with the enemy" and that "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face", it's not a spoiler to say you might be on to something there. xD
  3. And for what it's worth--space combat is RIDICULOUS. As any episode of ST:TNG will attest, getting the two ships in frame for a reasonably good shot puts them orders of magnitude closer than 21st century ground units, let alone where you would expect spacecraft to fight. To get this shot, Evil Jeb and Dilsby's ships are only about 50 meters apart.
  4. For posterity since I’ll change the thread and title with next update—it was “Re-Balance of Terror!” Thank you! What made mine was finding a five year old PowerPoint file where I’d already built the Kerbulan pistol and knife!
  5. Hi Spikemaster, here's how you embed images: just get the direct link to the image in your Imgur album (generally by viewing the images separately, or just right-clicking on it in the imgur album) and then paste the link in your post, like this: ...and welcome to the Forum!
  6. That, and I’m pretty sure Evil Kurt and Evil Melgee didn’t think to lock any doors behind them. Especially the ones they burned through.
  7. Wow! I'm deeply honored, thank you all! And here are some pages! Yeah, we're gonna be talking about that last panel for a bit.
  8. This reminds me of why I started the comic in the first place--and why I came back to finish it Thank you!
  9. Hooray! Having been holding all of these scenes in my head for the past several years, I'm very happy there are still some surprises left for everyone
  10. I can definitely tell she is “pas brave” from her facial expressions—or maybe that’s just her resting French disapproval face for violent spacecraft maneuvers
  11. Woo hoo! So of course there are a few more things to get in position, but we are now indeed READY to resume the story. Be prepared, this will happen far slower than the Interlude, but I think I can do better than 5 years between panels
  12. And that's why we're doing this recap! The Kerbfleet craft are a bit easier to sort out as almost every plane and boat made it back to Intrepid at some point. I think I just need a couple more pages to set that up and then we'll see if we can get all the pieces into Laythe orbit together. I do still have to tweak some uniforms but we are basically good to go thanks again to @Angelo Kerman's efforts. I'm a bit nervous about transitioning from comics that mostly use images from back issues to creating all new content again--we'll see in the coming week(s)!
  13. Just remember, I am NOT a pickle, and I control a bit more than snacks distribution in this story! And while I truly appreciate everyone who is doing a re-read, the re-cap continues!
  14. Well done! I think I'm covered on ships for now... and please, (everyone), I appreciate the re-creates but I'm starting to get concerned that a lot of images of reader-made craft and reader-run flights are going to clog the thread, or at least cause confusion of whether it's a story update or not. I'll get some actual Kerbfleet content up here as quick as I can.
  15. Meanwhile here's the chart of all the characters and craft I'm going to go back and confirm status of for the big continuity check prior to next pages. This is from memory so it's not necessarily accurate or comprehensive. Took me three tries to remember how to spell "Gliido"... please DO NOT worry (or post) about where everything is or what it's doing or whether or not I've got the ranks right--I've got this
  16. Wow. All I can say is that you must be a Next Generation fan, because that is a Geordi-level idea. Unfortunately, no, we never traded .sfs files. I just reviewed my 8 year old (!) chat with Parkaboy. Characters crossed over to each others' universes, and we gave each other advice on which fonts and colors to use to make the "visiting" characters look and sound right. Of course we discussed dialogue and plot a lot, and sometimes we even shared partial panels to each other for reference--here's an interesting historical artifact from that thread: But no, no .sfs. I would never have done that--I had a policy of guarding my secrets closely.
  17. Well, I really wish it were because THIS was true: ...but it's not. Turns out I had posted them both to KerbalX some time ago, and I found the link while searching the Forum for a visual reference to try and re-create the K. Maru set! Note that the KerbalX available files also include a few early Kerbulan craft from Wernher's Zweischenspiel, and some other pre-Kerbfleet randomness.
  18. Well that’s simple enough— I saw the “bypass check” button in the hyperedit menu and assumed that if it was toggled, it would just check whether there was atmosphere or not and prevent me from hyperediting a kerbal to their death. Onward then!
  19. Thanks @Angelo Kerman, I did find the kerbal maker in the cheat menu, right after I did it by hand. That will get the rest of the crew into the file, and the Kerbulans as well of course. As far as the helmets go--cool! Curious what solution you came up with, but I think that what I did last time was just had a different save file for "Minmus green screen" work, with a ship filled with stunt doubles for all the Kerbals and Kerbulans orbiting Minmus. I think I was using the old planetary designer mod, and I just changed the parameters to give Minmus a 100km high Kerbin-like atmosphere. So now that I've explained how I'm going to tell the story, next panels will start the reacp. I'll have to spend some time reading through the back issues myself, to see where all the ships are and who's in them and what some of the key characters were doing last. Should be a fun trip down memory lane!
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