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  1. Chapter 15 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fifteen ("Til You Drop) here.
  2. Well, truth be told I may be taking a little shortcut. We're getting close to whatever the end is, and frankly it's just more efficient if the main people who need to talk next can do it in the same room. Especially when getting visual effects right can mean an hour of flying people around in jetpacks, dealing with helmet bugs, and trying to orient bridge sets sunny-side up for better lighting etc., for just a couple of panels. If there's any concern about continuity etc., well I did hang a lampshade with the thread title. I was considering having Evil Bob throw even more snark than his "abusing crew transfers" comment by pointing out that the "turbolifts" are just part-clipped lander cans, and why couldn't he just transfer into a docked landing craft? Well if he could do that, why did the boarding parties have to burn through bulkheads etc. to get aboard? I'm certainly not going to explain it! This is why the author's crew compartment is as well-stocked with lampshades as KSP craft are with flags and EVA propellant. Who's to say? A couple of thoughts from a similarly mirrored situation: (1) It is far easier for civilized [kerbs] to behave like barbarians than it is for barbarians to behave like civilized [kerbs], BUT, (2) ruthlessly evil or not, it is possible to be a "[kerb] of integrity" in more than one universe.
  3. Well.. Evil Bob is many things. The Chosen One? Not so sure. Also I'm old enough to remember watching Episode IV in the theater, so the prequels and sequels can HEYOOO my sweet WATCH IT NOW!!
  4. Yes! Dilsby is now in Jeb’s fighter, and Jeb’s fighter is docked to the Gumdrop—which was originally docked to Dilsby’s fighter, and… oh right I forgot
  5. Thank you both! I have had the advantage of thinking about this for a few years. I'm happy I got away with it, and also happy I don't have to keep so many unconnected objects in close orbit any more. If you squint you can just barely see the edge of the Gumdrop Dilsby picked up peeking out behind his Kerbulan fighter in the last panel posted on 10 March. Of course, hiding that docked Gumdrop is exactly why Dilsby is thrusting in the ventral direction towards Evil Jeb and not following the standard convention for orienting a ship engaged in space combat.
  6. Hey! So I've got bad news and good news. The bad you already know, and it's that I haven't been able to make any new pages since that single one last week. My work spilled over to the weekend this week, and I also had to do my taxes. But the very GOOD news is--while searching my gmail for a receipt I needed, I came across a series of emails from a defunct account to my current one, with loads of Kerbfleet stuff attached (uniforms, flags, etc), some ships--and a persistence file! Of course, at this point thanks to Angelo I have the ships and we're running along nicely with the story when I have the time--so even if I could find an old copy of KSP (and all the mods!) that could actually run that persistence file, it wouldn't make too much difference to telling the story. BUT now at least I'll have all the characters with their appropriate stats, and there are probably some other helpful goodies buried in there... when I actually have time to open all the files and start copying and pasting, which is not now. It's not this week either, as I'll be traveling for work and won't have my KSP machine with me.
  7. I'll leave this here while we all wait for the next pages: Caught Monologuing
  8. Well: I didn’t know that until you mentioned it—but if I don’t need it I’m not downloading, I have enough problems!
  9. Yeah I probably should not have chosen this as a new name--I wasn't truly trying to make Dilsby Kerman an author avatar, or heavens forbid a Marty Stu. it's just that since "giving up" the comic years ago I've more or less used the name Dilsby throughout my online personae... and even when I rejoined I didn't think I was going to get that deep into it again until I saw what @Angelo Kerman had accomplished-- But, as the Kerbulans might say, the die is cast and we have crossed the Rubikon! Whatever Dilsby does next is and how that all works out was all plotted out five years and a couple of hard drives ago. And as to this: Seeing as "no plan has ever survived contact with the enemy" and that "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face", it's not a spoiler to say you might be on to something there. xD
  10. And for what it's worth--space combat is RIDICULOUS. As any episode of ST:TNG will attest, getting the two ships in frame for a reasonably good shot puts them orders of magnitude closer than 21st century ground units, let alone where you would expect spacecraft to fight. To get this shot, Evil Jeb and Dilsby's ships are only about 50 meters apart.
  11. For posterity since I’ll change the thread and title with next update—it was “Re-Balance of Terror!” Thank you! What made mine was finding a five year old PowerPoint file where I’d already built the Kerbulan pistol and knife!
  12. Hi Spikemaster, here's how you embed images: just get the direct link to the image in your Imgur album (generally by viewing the images separately, or just right-clicking on it in the imgur album) and then paste the link in your post, like this: ...and welcome to the Forum!
  13. That, and I’m pretty sure Evil Kurt and Evil Melgee didn’t think to lock any doors behind them. Especially the ones they burned through.
  14. Wow! I'm deeply honored, thank you all! And here are some pages! Yeah, we're gonna be talking about that last panel for a bit.
  15. This reminds me of why I started the comic in the first place--and why I came back to finish it Thank you!
  16. Hooray! Having been holding all of these scenes in my head for the past several years, I'm very happy there are still some surprises left for everyone
  17. I can definitely tell she is “pas brave” from her facial expressions—or maybe that’s just her resting French disapproval face for violent spacecraft maneuvers
  18. Woo hoo! So of course there are a few more things to get in position, but we are now indeed READY to resume the story. Be prepared, this will happen far slower than the Interlude, but I think I can do better than 5 years between panels
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