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  1. Thanks all! Good day today designing stuff; there's something...crazy I'm building for the next part...or I should say, re-building. I got it working finally; pages coming when they come!
  2. Yeah... if getting a lot of readers is what you really want, then don't make them actually have to read everything. Also, posting the pics proves that you actually did what you said you did. Personally, I think people here (a forum for people who play KSP) are a lot more interested in stories that actually happened in-game. It relates to their own experiences and may even inspire their gameplay. I'd encourage you to check out some of the Elcano Challenge mission reports to see what I mean.
  3. Hey, came here from that other thread, where we talk about Writing. This looks like it has a lot of potential--many players haven't gone to the poles, and certainly most of those haven't driven there cross kross country. Looking forward to an epic tale and many wheel blowouts Will you be doing it as text only, or taking advantage of the ability of epic screenshots to attract the easily amused?
  4. Oh yeah, sure...Wernher's come a long way from wiping out the Allied command structure with a single, precision W-2 strike hasn't he? And we also know from the Zweischenspiel that he "has the potential" to do exactly the same thing, but with a nuclear warhead. But, would he? And, would Kerbfleet? That question, gentlekerbs, is pretty much the central premise of this story.
  5. Hey Owl, I know how frustrating it is. We have ALL been there whether or not we're there right now. Part of a writer's growth is learning to abandon things that aren't working--whether it's a single line of dialogue or a whole story--and move on. What I will advise is to manage your expectations. It's easy in any new endeavor to look at the most successful people already doing it and think that you'll have the same kind of success they do as soon as you jump in. I was lucky: when I started Kerbfleet no one was doing anything like it. It was easier for me to build a reader base, and I've grown that base over a couple of years to where it is now. Work at your craft. Fail. Then tune your product--figure out what worked (if anything) and what didn't. You have to be able to step outside yourself and really be objective. That's how you get better.
  6. Confidentiality would prevent you form citing specifics, I know, but--has any mod ever looked at a post that was Reported, and ended up Repping/Liking that post rather than moderating it? If not, I bet you wanted to a couple of times Hopefully someone can share a general anecdote that wouldn't improperly disclose a moderation action...
  7. Very sorry to hear that @DarkOwl57. I encourage you not to give up--but instead maybe to find some different ways forward. We have a thread for writers to talk about writing which is a better place to discuss that kind of thing
  8. Ah, you must be new here Links to imgur albums for all the chapters are in the OP. The chapter where Intrepid launches is called, strangely enough, "Intrepid Away!" As to images of all the ranks, I think you can see enough of them in that chapter, and in the rest of the comic. I'm afraid I don't have the time to go find an example of each one for you. Feel free to flip through the Imgur albums if you'd rather not look in the thread. Further information may or may not appear in the "canon" thread, the link to which appears in my sig. Anyone is welcome to help me out by posting links and writeups there--I will incorporate the good stuff in the OP. Otherwise, I don't really engage in research projects for the benefit of readers who could maybe go find the stuff themselves given the resources (like the canon page, and chapter links in the OP) which I've already provided
  9. I use RAPIERS even on designs where I never light them in vacuum (e.g. RAPIER/LV-N no-oxidant SSTO). I can't quote performance specs like Slashy can, but my understanding is that I can get higher velocity at higher altitude in jet mode with RAPIER than I can with any other airbreathing engine. I've never managed to make a no-oxidant SSTO with anything but a RAPIER, but then again I haven't tried to since before the Panther came out...I'm sure someone else has a design somewhere. In any case, I'll agree that the RAPIER isn't the only possible SSTO engine, but it makes SSTO so much easier that it does tend to dominate the field
  10. Lol--but no, surely that is NOT a regulation uniform. Perhaps it was something young Midshipkerb Shirley saw long, long ago when she briefly met the legendary Horatio Kerman, and it made such an impression that she resolved to wear one like it if she ever reached such a lofty rank herself. Presuming Val survives this and gets promoted at some point, I think she'd just wear a lime tunic with some extra braid. Maybe a shoulder board if I can ever figure out where those go in the texture map
  11. The rank insignia are not central to the story, so it's not something I usually prioritize when I'm posing Kerbals for screenshots. When you really need to know someone's rank, I put it in the text...as you may have noticed from your recent survey it's really hard to have a reasonably-sized rank feature on the uniforms that actually shows up on screen, especially when the Kerbal is strapped in. The style on Gene, Jeb's, and Tedus's uniforms is unique to Air Service. You can also see Samantha's single gold 2LT bar and Tedus's double silver Kaptin pretty well in this shot: Sarge of course has sarjint's stripes on both sleeves. Everyone else has a Fleet rank which follows US naval tradition, and ST:TNG convention. I found this the easiest to render and see in-panel. --Enzins have a single pip on the right breast and no sleeve braid (look for Nimzo) --Junior Lootys and Lootys have a single sleeve braid, and two pips. The Jr Looty's second pip is dark. --Looty Comders and Comders have two rows of sleeve braid and three pips. The Lt Comder's third pip is dark. --a Captin has two rows of sleeve braid, extra braid on the tunic closure, and four pips. Here's a group shot where you can see them all at once, though it's a little small for good resolution. Again, it's usually not important to be able to tell an officer's rank visually in every panel--but when it is, like in the example above, I do try to pose everyone so it's easier to see. As for Admiral Shirley's very crowded uniform, I'll let her give you the same explanation she gave Mort: Clear?
  12. Oh, I know THAT feeling well! And this is why you #DontPokeTheAuthor, or if you're the author you #DontRespondToPokes. Can't tell you how many times I've sat on an update for a few days because I knew I could do better. Have always been glad I did
  13. Of course--he was in the service the year before year zero--and he had an orange suit on even then, you just couldn't tell because the comic was in black and white...and that's not a medal, it's his rank. Same shape as the one he wore when he was a Majer, different color.
  14. Writing is easy. Editing is hard. Deleting and starting over, no matter how much time you've sunk into something you just know isn't right...well, that's called being an author.
  15. It's tough. I spent a while developing a design that could lift off fine on Kerbin, but was too low in the water (or whatever liquid that is) on Laythe to get up to takeoff speed there. If none of the excellent design suggestions given here work for you, you could always try a more... Kerbal takeoff profile:
  16. No, that's sequintial. Ah, don't worry, I only need 111,111 more rep for the next one.
  17. Really appreciate that guys! We'll see, maybe this is the year I approach @SQUAD about license to publish Kerbfleet comics in some form or another.
  18. Aww, you guys are too nice. Really, I had no choice. I realized that unless they touched helmets or something to transmit sound waves, any conversation they had would have to be over suit radios--and it's established canon that the two sides each use a different signal encoding method that results in the words being "scrambled" relative to each other. (e.g. "Kenlie" becomes "Neelik") Hopefully somebody figures that out soon, so the other Kerbals and Kerbulans can...discuss matters If you mean the unexploded bombs @Geschosskopf noticed on the roof, I'm sure some cadet has set those off by now ETA: hey @Dman979, it you want to know, it was @KSK who made me sequential.
  19. Well, before things get out of hand I should hasten to add that @Dman979 is completely awesome and only gives rep when the post warrants it. My comment referenced the fact that as KSP players we are a numbers-oriented bunch, and some people DO give rep just to see an interesting one, like 1000, 1234, 1337, etc. It's an abuse of the system, and truly deplorable. Also, look at ME, I almost have 12345 rep! whooooooooooo!!!
  20. ^see, this right here is EXACTLY why we need a daily replike limit. It'd be just like the Number War, but with the whole Forum on Team (+)
  21. It is an authorized but unofficial transcript, which is much appreciated and mostly correct "Bad" and "Good" Kenlie are conversing by means of their strange connection, each one "writing" the other's dialogue. Gus doesn't appear (that's Gene), and the "that's not our drone!" line was supposed to be a Mission Control extra not Gene--but I used the wrong speech bubble so that's my fault I had to rewrite this part a bit from my original intent, because sometimes plot needs to travel at the speed of ship-- meaning, I had wanted Intrepid to be able to get to Kenlie much sooner but the orbital mechanics simply don't allow it. What was originally supposed to happen? Well, let's just say it involved a "BLAM!" effect, followed by an "ow!" and an ominous "hissssss"... anyway, this method of baiting the hook should work just as well, and is even more Kerbulan
  22. Welcome back! I admire your commitment to the Mission, and to the Report!
  23. Good analysis! Don't forget, also a very large and disturbingly asymmetric knife (Jeb), as well as various vintage tanks and planes from the Year Before Year Zero. As to the "dirty bomb", these are species that think nothing of strapping a lawn chair to a NERVA and flying next to the sun with it...radiation resistance is the least of our worries Argh, @Nimzo Kerman made exactly the same joke last week... Now ENOUGH of this levity! Back to the PAIN!
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