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  1. 404: Ask where the quality service is. Get it? 404? NOT FOUND? hahahahah
  2. I was going to post a poem here involving love and planets and solid rocket boosters but I decided not to as people will probably want it removed from the face of the internet. Not because it was going to be a bad poem. Oh no.
  3. Some friends at school were talking about this game about space, and I was generally interested in space so I asked and they said it was "a bad game where you press spacebar and a rocket flies up" I thought that I should have a look just for a quick laugh and found this bloke called Scott Manley. It turned out that it was not a terrible game and that the aforementioned friends were total nutjobs. Bought the game after one hour of the demo version.
  4. Whoa! Bloody hell, thanks v. much, ajshell.
  5. Well, to be honest I would not mind C&C ra3 as I have loved the C&C series for a long time and used to play the older games with my brother for hours on end, but I never really got the chance to play RA3 at all, and this looks like the perfect opportunity to see what RA3 is like for myself.
  6. Granted. It is useless! I wish that I can wear the hat in Boosterspice's avatar.
  7. Granted. You make no money. I wish that KSP becomes an online only game with loads of DLC and having to wait real time for ships to be built
  8. Granted. The solution offends you massively. I wish that I could pull off a 360 noscope in KSP.
  9. Granted. The wish is corrupted. I wish for an artillery that fires sweets
  10. Granted. You die and regenerate into a JB lookalike. This is your last regeneration. I wish that I had a computer that is automatically updated with the newest parts and has unlimited battery.
  11. Granted. You are so tall that when you stand up your head is above breathable air limits. I wish that I could record video with my eyes.
  12. I was trying to go to Laythe. I am in orbit of Jool and the map screen says I do not have an encounter with Laythe. Go to normal view and the planet is right in my face. This happens all of the time. Edit : By "Right in my face" I mean I am flying straight into the atmosphere at something like ~2000 m/s
  13. I don't even know what this is doing on my clipboard!?
  14. Well, I watched a KSP video from Danny, and I tried making a drop pod of my own. I came up with this thing that is started off with 4 sepatrons then can accelerate and decelerate by using the roll controls. For example, if I hit Q it speeds up at a ridiculous rate. There is a video below. (Sorry about the video quality, I just wanted to quickly record it so I pointed my phone at the screen) (I am sorry. Truly) As you can see when I roll left it accelerates at a mind-boggling speed. Also, rolling in the opposite direction causes rapid deceleration! Here is the .craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rzcjkdd01hvgx2g/DropPod.craft
  15. Gah! This is really infuriating! This is the best mod I have seen and every time I try to use it I get runtime errors, crashes, freezing and the game closing with no message or crash file whatsoever!
  16. Sure, no bother. When I get it I will tell you how well it goes. All of the reviews I have seen are in its favour.
  17. Ok. I have tried this and for some reason the game crashes every time I do anything, so I have to call it quits. Sorry
  18. I might! I am usually really good with things in the atmosphere, and I love building VTOLs so I might do it... *begins handing out waivers to kerbals*
  19. Username: madspy Favourite plane (in war thunder) : Beaufighter Mk X (8 rockets) Favourite plane: Meteor F.3
  20. Spytech Orbit Cannon This is my cannon. On kerbin at like 2% throttle it can fire a kerbonaut quite far and high. On the mun it will be much better. Mass = 13 - 15 units (not joking) Parts = 20 .craft file ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vdbsoiecun0q8c/Spytech%20Orbit%20cannon.craft ) My name = madspy (Spytech) PS: The center of mass is actually in the middle of the spacecraft The 5th landing leg at the back is not in the action group for key 1. BEWARE!
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