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  1. The last two digits of the year of the first manned moon landing.
  2. There is another version of that dilema that is also quite intriguing. What would you do in this one?
  3. 1-Send the bigger ship 2-"It was a bad day to stop smoking" 3-??? 4-Propose a law project to the gov't that would force boats to have enough lifeboats to carry all theirs crewmembers. 5-Profit! Easy, it's the Titanic all over again.
  4. How will we get any footage of that? Isn't the plasma created by the heat and friction supposed to create radio interferences? I can't find anything that confirm this so I might as well be wrong.
  5. I must admit that hard sci-fi is particularly enjoyable, but I can't deny space opera is still pretty interesting.
  6. 7/10 I don't know you a lot, but I still get to see you quite often.
  7. Perhaps the center of the known universe is a little more accurate? OT: The glorious land of the poutine-eating frenchmen.
  8. Let's see... MrrPamplemousse has just applied to the Kerbal Space Program... What? I guess it's time to post more outside the Space Lounge.
  9. Nope. The user below me hates weebs. And thinks I'm being hypocritical.
  10. 7.5/10 Not bad, and I must say that it's pretty well done actually.
  11. 9/10 MIR is best space station. (Well, I'm assuming it's MIR first module...)
  12. From my understanding of it, the joke is that the mailman was the biological father of the boy, implying that the mother had affair with him, this is comedic plot twist.
  13. @Prof. Endwalker Nah, while Jango Fett wear a similar armor (known as a beskar'gam I believe), his is blue, it is Boba Fett one that bears green as primary color, and even then, dark red is very present. TL;DR, no, it's not Jango Fett's armor. 8/10 Steam machines have some charme, I'll give you that.
  14. Well, I think it's a true. The user below me doesn't like milk.
  15. Banned for being in the city of Ember and not in the village of Sparks.
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