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  1. I landed on the mun 2 weeks ago and have set up mun colonies, and have docked a space station in it\'s orbit, I\'ve set up a min camp-site with only 3 vessels. This thread is out-dated.
  2. Here is the ultimante landing: http://beta.xfire.com/videos/58bc25 --- I extremely reccomend using a rover if for newbies, it can handle lateral speed great it\'s circle so its hard to break, and the suspension is amazing, I did some testing and I survived a 28 meter per second drop which is about 55 MPH.
  3. yes, I have a video of me 20 seconds before touchdown, Aswell here is the thread I had with pictures: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=15620.0
  4. the hell are you talking about it\'s what made me think and thats what i thought.
  5. i think of damn, this is a nice way to get post-count. when i say the letter M
  6. Land a rover dude, add RSC tanks and a rover to ur command module, add a decoupler under the stock cart, a powerful descent engine, and when you\'re ready to land, release the descent engine and use RSC thrusters to glide you slowly to the surface.
  7. Also knight, don\'t try to land on the dark-side, because the albedo of the mun isn\'t like the mins, it\'s extremley hard to land, I only did a successful landing on the dark-side because I judged from the ascent engine that I dropped and saw the explosion.
  8. RSC tanks will not remove lateral movement, for your retro burn to decrease orbital descent you need to burn at the retrograde which will eventually come up to the top of the blue part of the navball. I\'ll be on Xfire once you need me, try not touching down more then 2 meters per second and try going for touchdown only once because if you do not land and give it more throttle you will gain some lateral movement.
  9. Lol pls, I go abou 170 meters per second off a hill to start of ascent
  10. press F5 without ship acceleration, and when crashed, press & hold F9 I didn\'t find this out untill recently, i had done successful mun and min landings before without needing it.
  11. penile what if i say the letter J
  12. You aren\'t going to land on the rover, here is a picture of the rocket with diagram: Though to be honest, landing with the rover is quite easier due to the suspension and the ability to move around, it\'s no problem if you land on a slope. Here is picture: You touchdown with expandable legs, then quicksave, release the rover, use RSC tanks, turn and start exploring.
  13. vengance when i say the letter ll(spanish)
  14. iWumbo from spongebob the letter R
  15. 9/10 CS --- Mine says 'ROCKET TIPS AT LAUNCH TOWER... LIFTOFF!!!'
  16. do you wan\'t a cart? I just built a pretty decent rocket that can carry kerbals to the mun, and minmus(not in the same mission), and back that has a rover attached. I used it for searching munoliths, didn\'t find any
  17. Why do we land on minmus? Why do we land on the mun? Why do we set up space stations? Because we ENJOY it. Now, about your lander, markus reese, can I have a .craft file, those bases seem legit.
  18. Genius jeb strikes again, I will be explaining how to create a cannon, that is capable of launching you home from the 2 celestial bodies orbiting kerban. Now, Getting off of kerban is 1 thing. Here is a current screenshot of a probe that I created: Yes yes, I know, hands up, Though this kind of design and heavy to not use mech-jeb, it\'s amazingly hard to control, to be honest, even mech-jeb failed. OK Anywho... Here are the explainations step by step: How to create a cannon on kerbal space program: 1. Open your 'KSP_win' Folder in the directory you put it in. 2. Go to 'Parts' folder. 3. Look for a decent decoupler (I use the hollowed out 1.75 by novapunch because with an adapter it looks like a real cannon, also if you value your decoupler, I\'d make a backup of the one you\'re editing.) 4. Now, Open the 'part.cfg' file with 'Notepad' or any other word editing program. 5. Scroll down to the very, very end. 6. Look for where it says 'EJECTION FORCE = *random number*, here is an actual representation: _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Change that number to what you want to do, Please realize, I have not tested all of these, and infact, mostly they\'re wrong. I just calculated from my 10 minute expiraments. _______________________________________________________________________________ [table] [tr] [td]100,000 = From Kerban Orbit to An Apoasis reaching the moon. 88,000 = From the Mun back to kerban. 25,000 = Escaping The Min and coming back to kerban. 49,000 = A tradjectory from the mun to the min. 600,000 to 800,000 = Atmosphere from kerban.[/td] [/tr] [/table] _______________________________________________________________________________ Ok guys, give me some feedback, results, I haven\'t done much expirementing with it, thought it was a good life saver for stranded capsules etc. So thanks guys, ~nomer.
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