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  1. Tim_Barrett because that's actually my name - I don't like to be called and call others by screen names chats too often. It started with minecraft, where I couldn't use spaces for my name.
  2. Any planet/moon that I have landed only needed one try, with the Mun and Minmus including a way back, again on the first try. Tbh it's not very fun...
  3. I might make it a shared save kind of thing, where everyone docks a certain part to the ship, but we would have to plan everything in advance.
  4. Just a dump for a plane that should have been uploaded long ago. It's about 150ish parts. Looks awesome, it flies fairly well, glides, has suspension, but I'm experimenting with other designs as well as working on Project Pegasus, so it will stay as is for now. Enjoy
  5. Pandorum. Sunshine had no real horror, but it was scary to think about having a dead sun with an isolate planet Earth to follow and slowly fade away...
  6. 4-2-1 is an interesting design... I'm not sure how much fuel it would save over the tanks that are left they for longer, so I can't tell if it's actually more efficient or not.
  7. Well ****. Is docking for 0.18? Should I wait? I don't know any other updates possibly more important than docking, but I may be wrong.
  8. 6/10 Nova would hate you and all of your K's.
  9. In Accelerando's defense it's actually really hard to understand what darkwolf was talking about when he got to the specifics.
  10. Instead of making a stage for getting back to the KSC after the trip, I will be building a spaceplane to bring the dozen or so kerbals back to the planet
  11. If you can do everything in .17 that you could do in .16, then I consider it not a bad update. Not to mention all of the new planets and moons...
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