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  1. Assuming that you're talking about the ksp-avc.cybutek.net website? Send me a PM on here with your new username and I'll change it for you... I've verified that you currently have PartTweaks hosted there and you're the legitimate owner, so it's all good
  2. Sorry for not being around. I've been very busy lately with IRL stuff. The original reason why a "built for" ksp version is required if min/max is used was due to how the user interface makes use of this value. I have looked over the pull request but would rather the fix be in the "IsCompatibleVersion" property due to dependencies. This on its own will not be the complete fix though as it will only cascade the bug down into the user interface. I'm busy all weekend but should have some time on monday to sort this out.
  3. Not revamped, as I had no idea that mod even existed. I generally just check the pinned list of compatible mods available on this forum and it doesn't list it. This mod's definitely not the same under the bonnet though by looking at the source. Store My Reports is a lot more efficient as it doesn't check every part on a vessel every frame, only once upon closing the Experiments Results Dialog. It also doesn't use LINQ which creates memory garbage that requires cleaning up causing hiccups in frame rates. Hope this answers your question Also in the works: I'm going to be adding an optional feature that saves the position of the Experiments Results Dialog so that it doesn't always pop-up in the middle of the screen every time you collect science. I find this annoying because it often ends up blocking the right click menus and gets in the way. Having it pop-up in the same position where you last left it (e.g. at the side of the screen out of the way) would be nice. EDIT: Forgot to mention that Store My Reports is now also available on CKAN as the pull request I made was finally merged the other day
  4. Version 1.1 is now available for download! This mod has reached my current feature goals, but if you have any suggestions please let me know... Enjoy! Implemented configuration system: - Separated the configuration from the main StoreMyReports class. - Created application launcher button that shows in the Space Centre scene. - Created configuration dialog using the stock popup dialog system. - The default value for `Discard Duplicates` is now set to `false`.
  5. Good point that I hadn't actually thought of and might be a good reason for the default to be changed to not discard (I just personally preferred it to discard which is why it's default). With this being the case it's also a good reason for me to actually think about having the toggle as an in-game option rather than just in the config. I haven't tested it, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be compatible. The automated sampler mods generally bypass the in-game collecting mechanic altogether anyway. Also this mod only runs when the experiments result popup window is closed (the one where you choose to discard/keep/transmit science data), it's not constantly running.
  6. Store My Reports Version 1.1 The primary job of this mod is to fix the inability for Kerbals to find glove-boxes within their vessel or pockets on their EVA suits. You can now make crew reports and have them stored without the need to exit the vessel, take all of the reports out, then put them all back in again. It also allows Kerbals on EVA to store science data within pockets on their EVA suits. Although this mod's primary goal is to alleviate the ridiculousness of crew report storage, it will also work with any other science experiments that have their own separate science containers within the same part. Experiment data will be automatically stored within these containers making room for further experiments. Download (CurseForge) Source (GitHub) Installation Place the `StoreMyReports` folder found within the downloaded zip file into `GameData` found within the game's installation directory. Configuration To change these settings you can open the configuration dialog by clicking on the `SMR` button found on the toolbar at the bottom right of the Space Centre. Automatically Discard Duplicates When enabled this feature will automatically discard any duplicate science data if it already exists within the container (i.e capsule for crew reports and kerbal for eva reports). Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. If you wish to show your appreciation in ways other than words, this button will help you do just that. P.S. The year in the title is not a typo, it's using the Holocene Era calendar system.
  7. So far my implementation list goes: MiniAVC Ability to ignore specific alerts forever that matches the combined local+remote version files used to display them. This is so that if one of the version files change, the update/conflict message will be re-shown with the new information (this can then be re-ignored until something else changes again). KSP-AVC A "silent mode" toggle button next to the drop-down in the top left which'll suppress the issue monitor window from being displayed. KSP-AVC already overrides MiniAVC, so this will essentially silence all AVC notifications from KSP-AVC and MiniAVC.
  8. I'd like to make it known that I'm watching the discussion unfold. The best ideas of which are feasible within my time restrictions have a good chance being implemented.
  9. Thanks for your guys' help... I have merged the pull request by @politas fixing the missing comma. Both MiniAVC and KSP-AVC are handling the missing comma without issue. All this fix does is allow the CKAN crawler to complete its job. So if you've already got KER, there's no need to re-download for this fix.
  10. Version is now available! - You can download it here! Fixed: Check for NaN and Infinities before clamping angles, resolving a hang state caused by the Intercept Angle readout. Added: Setting for enabling/disabling whether the toolbar icon in-flight activates on mouse hover. Added: Body category with the following readouts: Body Name Has Atmosphere Has Oxygen High Atmophere Height Low Space Height High Space Height
  11. As long as 1.3 hasn't broken the mod in some crazy unexpected way, expect an update sometime this weekend.
  12. I have implemented a setting that allows you to toggle on and off whether mouse hovering is enabled on the in-flight toolbar button. I've also merged Padishar's fixes into the master branch so you can use the .dll available in the "Output" folder on GitHub to get the latest build until I can get a release out.
  13. Version is now available! - GET IT HERE! Fixed: Compile errors caused due to game update. Fixed: Asset bundle errors due to engine update. Fixed: Part info overlay no longer visible when hovering over part selection panel. Fixed: Clamp360 now returns [0, 360]. (Pad) Fixed: Possible NRE when "Back to target selection" sets the target to null. (Pad) Fixed: Clamp value passed to Acos function within the impact processor to avoid potential NaN. (Pad) Fixed: Use inverseStage of tank for stage priority flow instead of decoupled stage count. (Pad) Changed: True Anomaly to be displayed in degrees rather than radians. (was changed in stock 1.1.x) (Pad) Changed: Typos in the post-burn apo/peri readout descriptions. (Pad) Changed: Added missing space before the 'W' in the target longitude readout formatting. (Pad) Changed: Simulation and logging to produces less GC. (Pad) Changed: Tweaked impact processor calculations. (Pad) Added: Target Latitude & Longitude readouts to the rendezvous section. (Pad) Added: Extra readout help strings. (rkagerer) Added: Planes and Relays to the target selector readout. (Pad) Added: Post-burn orbital period and inclination readouts. (Pad) Added: Support for balance and priority flow modes. (Pad) Added: Custom keybinding of the part info show/hide functionality.
  14. Yup, it is supposed to be instant. My only guess would be that the GitHub API was lagging behind, maybe.
  15. Version is now available! - Get it here! Build on KSP Fixed: URLs are escaped before being processed. MiniAVC is now has also been recompiled for KSP 1.2 and includes the URL escaping fix.
  16. Go into the BuildOverlay.xml settings and change: <SettingItem> <Name>vesselWindowX</Name> <Value xsi:type="float">[desired distance from the left]</Value> </SettingItem>
  17. For the "adventurous" types among you; a version compiled for 1.2 is available on the GitHub. You'll need everything from within the 'Output' directory (an overwrite of the old 'KerbalEngineer.dll' won't suffice this time). Hint: it may be easier to download the repository as a zip and just extract out what's in the 'Output' directory rather than downloading each file individually It's not "release ready" but it's there to use, and feel free to leave any feedback you think could help.
  18. PROGRESS UPDATE I'm working on getting out a "usable" release very soon. Note that right at this point in time I will not have touched the fuel flow simulation, except parts that need attention for the sake of compilation. This means that the delta-v calculations - although working - may potentially be inaccurate for complex craft.
  19. If it happens again would you upload and post a link to your KSP log file please? I'd like to go over it to just to make sure nothing unusual is happening within KSP-AVC.
  20. If you're connected to the internet it'll use the remote version information for compatibility checks which will correctly see 1.1.3 as a valid compatible KSP version. When not connected to the internet it'll use the older local .version file for compatibility checks. This feature is there so that mod authors do not have to re-upload a new version of the mod and users don't have to re-download the whole mod again when it is still compatible just to get an updated .version file.
  21. To get KER in-flight whilst playing career using the default settings can be done by: 1. Using one of the KER parts. 2. Having an engineer kerbal on-board (who hopefully knows how to use a slide-rule). 3. Upgrade to a level three tracking station so that KER will always be usable without parts or an engineer on-board. These options can be turned on and off to taste under the settings in the VAB. An example of why you may want to alter these would be so that later on in a career you can turn off the tracking station so that you still require an engineer kerbal or part for difficulty or immersion reasons etc. Hope this helps
  22. Yes... You can have the version file hosted anywhere that's accessible on the internet. Note that if you're using the GITHUB releases integration that's available to use, it will only notify of updates when the remote version and a release using that version tag match. This is to stop users from receiving update notifications whenever you push a new version file before a release is actually ready.
  23. I think @sarbian and @RoverDude just proved the point that mods can still exist and be available to users without having to be available on CKAN. We worked without CKAN for many years and the modding community worked perfectly fine back then. The modding community didn't just spring up after the development of CKAN.
  24. I fail to see how a tool used to manage/install mods can be useful without mods to manage/install.
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