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  1. You did a great job! Thanks for picking up the project when I couldn't keep working on it, been programming professionally for 4 years now and there's no way I could have done the work you did in that time XD Good luck in your future endeavors! Edit: to chime in on the rename, I like Unrapid Planned Assembly, since it has been associated with the mod for a while. Also it's just plain funny imo lol
  2. Too late man, those of us who crossed by sea have already done that XD sort of a requirement, due to the face that the oceans don't meet up to form a contiguous circumnavigation route. You have to cross land at some point, thus, all sea circumnavigations (and I suppose some land circumnavigations as well lol) must be amphibious! I want to be the first to circumnavigate Kerbin by land with only one vehicle and one Kerbal, not the way Wooks did it (I already did a sea circumnavigation, so why not?). Anybody want to try and beat me to it? I'm already caught up with other games, so I won't be able to start for a while. Now's your chance!
  3. Not removed, but hidden due to too many views. Photobucket is such a cashgrabbing site; imgur.com is so much better that I was actually willing to pay their (quite modest) subscription fee to get a few extra features. I suggest the OP switches to imgur, I want to see the mod in action!
  4. She's beautiful! I'm tackling my own (although much simpler) game controller project right now; an H-shifter for my racing games, as well as adapting an old game controller to make a DIY Bodnar cable for some G27 pedals I bought (to use the pedals standalone). I've come to the realization that I'm not ready to tackle something as big and complex as what you're doing... XD Also I do see the use for an Arduino board, since it's so flexible. I wish I had an Arduino board for my project, and to expand it in the future to something like what you're doing =P I could use my Raspberry Pi, but it's already got a dedicated use for me.
  5. Oh man that was a blast, thanks for sharing! ASAS likes to boogie it seems, when you put enough of them together XD
  6. Haha, I had no idea you could do that XD .craft file?
  7. Me: "Ok, coming down nice and slow... we're landing on a bit of a slope, so you better keep those reaction wheels running ASAS!" ASAS: "Activated and ready to go, commander!" *first leg touches down, tipping the craft towards the downslope* ASAS: "This is nothing, I'll just use a smidge of the reaction wheel to keep this thing upright" *craft keeps tipping over after the remaining legs touch down* ASAS: "CRAP, THIS GOT OUT OF HAND QUICK, FULL LEFT REACTION WHEEL!!!!!!!!!11" Me: *starts holding the A button as well* ASAS: "NOYOUCANLETGOIGOTTHIS" *craft slowly goes over the tipping point* ASAS: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*crash* Me: *facepalm* Me: *loads quicksave, this time intervening before the craft tips too far over, successfully landing without ASAS* ASAS: sorry... Me: old ASAS would have done a better job than you... this has been a recurring problem lately =P the ASAS isn't sensitive enough as you would expect at 10 degrees, which eventually lets the angle go to 20 degrees, 30, 40... then a prompt crash and quickload. Anybody else have this issue? I would use a wider and more stable craft, but it's an early campaign and I haven't unlocked anything that would let me do so without building something butt-ugly XD
  8. Haha nice, at least you'll get a short test of your water crossing abilities before making longer ones.
  9. Yeah, I'm really not happy with the stock LES... I once spent hours tweaking the escape tower from NovaPunch some time last year, trying to mimic the LES from Orion as closely as possible from the pad abort test video. I actually got pretty close, and I was happy with how it turned out. I really wasn't happy the first time I saw the new LES in one of the .23.5 preview videos though, and I was hoping I could at least tweak it a bit myself. Sadly I cannot, and I'm left with a part I will never touch because of how repulsive it looks when used. At least there are mods =P Also in my campaign playthrough, I did a quickload from just before I unlocked the tech tree node for the LES as well, since I figured my science points could go to something that would be more immediately useful.
  10. Was flying around in KSP and realized that it would be a perfect time to try the Rift, so I loaded up VorpX and jumped in! I quite liked how it felt, flying IVA with the Rift. Just right-click while in IVA and the head tracking will be mapped to the mouse movement. Outside of IVA, using VorpX's middle mouse click option to shift the view around works really well (it's called EdgePeek, mainly used to view the edges of the screen and see pesky menu options that are out of view). I haven't played around much else with it, but I definitely think KSP will be an excellent Rift game if the devs work it in.
  11. Haha, even if it's not working now, it was still pretty hilarious that it was up for a while XD best april fools thing I've seen all day lol
  12. They really do need to redo the aircraft parts though, the colors and stuff aren't bad, but they could be more detailed, textured a bit nicer, match with other things better... Also the nodes on all of them REALLY need to be fixed. I want them to have stock IVA on those parts sooner rather than later as well, but only with updated aircraft parts. I have a feeling we might see some aeronautics updates soon after .24 though, since they'll be adding "missions" of sorts to test certain parts under certain conditions, and I think that planes and spaceplanes will be more useful then.
  13. I think with the SAS switch being on and telling the game to do so, that could also be done with a simple mod and checking the panel states. Gauges are another story though XD I wonder if there are any options for that other than Arduino.
  14. The reason they haven't added IVA to those parts is because so many of those airplane/spaceplane parts are in need of revamping anyways. Once they are redone, they will get IVA cockpits. Be patient
  15. I wouldn't want to forget everything I did (circumnavigating Kerbin by water is my greatest achievement and I'm quite proud of it), I would only want to forget my skills. Learning how to play again would give me so much more playtime, since I don't have a whole lot that I really want to do right now. Also, I'm so glad this thread is alive again XD
  16. Haha, I wish, I just bought myself an Oculus Rift and that cost me quite a bit XD Back on topic, how long is this actually taking to make? I'm sure you're busy with other things, so I'm curious if the somewhat slow pace is due to that, the actual construction, or waiting on hardware.
  17. Thank you so much for a birthday update, such an awesome thing for me to see today XD
  18. I'm amazed by the quality of it, you could definitely sell them if you made more XD
  19. I want to see some 8k captures... Bet they're beautiful XD
  20. I discussed things with magico13 and decided that he should take over this project. He's now the official owner of KCT, wish him luck with the mod! We'll post here when he has his development thread up, so everybody can go there.
  21. That's exactly what I was trying to convey with AutoHotKey lol, you just script it yourself rather than use an application. I just love AHK and use it for everything, rather than download stuff to do what takes me a minute to script XD
  22. So long as you can get the USB input (perhaps through one of the circuitboards from here: http://www.desktopaviator.com/Pages/Boards/index.html), making an AutoHotKey script to take a gamepad/joystick input and make a keystroke (0-9 for action groups, B for brakes, etc) would work well. There are quite a few other possible ways, I'm sure, that'd just be the one I would do. I'm so very tempted to do one of these myself lol
  23. Travelling by water is quite easy once you understand how it works; basically parts can't go from being not submerged to submerged while travelling quickly, and only certain parts can be submerged without slowing the boat down to a crawl). The biggest problem is carrying enough fuel for long journeys, without the mass changing too much that it will cause parts to come too close to the submerged/not submerged line and disintegrate at cruising speeds XD
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