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  1. ...Needs to the long term goal for KSP
  2. Can there exist a planet... with a moon... with a moon? In theory a moon could hold it's own moon within it's gravity You figure that if there is a sun, and it's gravity allows planets to hold moons, a planet (Acting as a sun) would would be able to have a moon (Acting as a planet) with it's own satellite (Acting as the Moon). Of course I could be incorrect as I only have about a Full 8th Grade education of Astronomy and Mathematics with bits and pieces of 9th grade. Please do correct me if I am wrong in my thinking.
  3. Actual gravity would require something to create it such as: [ATTACH=CONFIG]34857[/ATTACH]
  4. Hey. I don't know if it's quite possible but it would be nice if I could have a small box that this all fits in I was thinking this would make a future trip to Laythe quite enjoyable
  5. Hey. I have a slight problem. When I go into the Cockpit mode I get kinda... Trapped... How do I resolve this?
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