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  1. Good job, lad. I made mine with stock parts (somehow) and flied to the Mun without using Orbital thrust. Straight to the Mun :3 Ofc I crashed.
  2. I think I found the Boulder. Was trying to land on Ike and - all of a sudden - crash. A flying rock. I was like WTF?
  3. Make it, yeah! I will definitely watch it if it succeeds. Also, I will be able to learn a bit! And then I'll probably stream myself. Sir, you are amazing.
  4. Right, so now that I have Tosh's Carts installed, I need to somehow launch it to the Mun. Now the task for you: how to build a capsule for it? I have NovaPunch tools for it, just help me make a home for my rover.
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