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  1. My favourite personal prediction: MCT (the acronym shrouded in secrecy Musk has mentioned several times) means Mars ¿Colony? Transport, and it's a single stage vehicle that goes on top of a Falcon heavy, and can land on Mars (half aerobrake/half propulsively) with enough payload to carry a ISRU plant, refuel there, and then make it back to Earth throwing nothing away. Mars and back for a few hundred million dollars a flight. Redundancy can be achieved by launching several on each window, in case you are worried about safety. Payload margins are tight for that (~5km/s for MTI+Mars capture+Terminal braking means mass ratio around 4, which means 13.25mT payload+rocket, essentially the same weight class as Dragon), but then again, they might have in mind an even bigger rocket (~100mT) to launch it, Musk has also hinted that. The thing I'm sure of is, it could do a lunar mission by default. Rune. How do you like my crystal ball?
  2. So I finally got this sucker into orbit. All it needed was my reverse-engineered Nova, an awful lot of struts, and some patience. Ladies and Gentleman, let me present to you the Dreadnaught: Sporting 12 smart missiles and with enough room on the hangar for 4 light fighters (I launched it with just two to try to limit the part count a bit, it is like 450 parts without launcher with the full compliment), it is a force to be reckoned with. Room for six kerbals, an optical ORDA telescope to aid in target acquisition (with engineer redux, those are the only two parts non-stock, I think, though perhaps some other from KSPX got in without me noticing), and all the bells and whistles I could think of. Some more shots so you can appreciate it to the full extent: There were some issues with launch, namely that the adaptor to the Nova launcher refused to come off and is still stuck to the ship. Well, it's light and it doesn't seem to bother the exhaust of the Nervas. Also, apparently I didn't get the center of thrust 100% right, because if you go over 60% thrust it starts pitching up uncontrollably. But what the boop! Getting it to fly in the first place makes me proud enough. This is how we got it to orbit: Edit: I almost forgot, if anyone wants the craft file, I'll be happy to oblige. But since it is not 100% stock, and it really serves no practical purpose, it is not going to my thread, I think. Though you could change my mind, and make me go through the bother of editing it... I swear, even handling it on the hangar is rather complicated. The sucker is BIG! Rune. Ad astra per kaboom!
  3. The forum is playing tricks on me. Could somebody delete this?
  4. You mean averaged over number of flights too, right? Because Soyuz has some amazing launch stats, it's the most launched rocket and capsule in history, and likely to remain so for a long, looong time. Edit: I just saw this: Third Soyuz launch in a week bolsters Glonass system This is what I mean by the success of the venerable R-7. Three launches in a single week with the same booster. That's how you perfect a launch vehicle. How many (of all variants) does that make? They must be getting close to 1,800... Rune. Now that looks like a serious space program.
  5. Errr... those big pumps are part of rocket engines by default. They are called turbopumps, and all rockets that aren't pressure-fed have them. The issue are the fuel lines (and what happens if they leak), and the momentum that moving that much fuel that fast creates IRL. No asparagus in the real world, the configurations have to be symmetrical so the forces cancel each other out. As to orbital fuel transfer, it's only been done with storables, but there are a couple of tests/ideas planned to make cryogenic fuel transfer and storage work. For deep space, my personal favourite is Methane/LOX: similar moderate temperature, low boiloff rate, amazing isp, and ISRU potential in pretty much anywhere, especially Mars and asteroids. Rune. SpaceX is apparently developing a Methane/LOX upper stage engine, too.
  6. Yay! Looks nice. Totally useless, but it looks nice. That's like even better than if it did something
  7. Apparently (haven't tried yet myself) you can clip SRB's into each other and they still work. Just in case the edit you want to do is related to getting a good five segment SRB. You know how to clip parts by bringing up the dev tools, right? (ALT+F12) Rune. Did I guess right?
  8. That's SSTO, right? If so, I would recommend clustering aerospikes instead of either the LV-T30's, or even better, those inefficient mainsails (switch to LVT-45's then for control). Plus, you don't need that much gimbal... and are you sure you are not overdoing it on the thrust department? Other than that, nice idea, big SSTO's make good orbital fuel depots.
  9. I'd say with the Mun's low gravity, you can get more out of Oberth by making your burn as close to Kerbin as you can than what a Mun gravity assist can give you. However, if you time things so you can use both to the full extent, then of course that will be more efficient. It will take quite a bit of precision and timing, though. Rune. So if you fly manual, don't bother.
  10. Hate? I don't see that, as I just pointed out. In fact, I'm seeing the most civil statements I've ever seen on any internet discussion on the subject. Don't confuse disagreement with hate, much less an attack on your beliefs. You might be a minority according to the poll on this forum, but I at least am perfectly happy to let you believe what you want, if you will just return the favour. As long as we can both agree to that, I think we can keep at it, perhaps we will both learn something.
  11. You know? This thread IS proving something to me: most KSP players that post on the forum are very nice people, showing respect for other people's beliefs and moderation and a calm approach to discussing touchy subjects. I honestly thought the thread would be non-stop flames by page two, but I'm liking 90% of the answers, whether I agree with them or not. Definitely Rune. So kudos to us!
  12. After spending so much effort on the sunshield, the rest of the craft looks a bit rushed and lacking detail, IMO. But I'm just nitpicking, it looks very good.
  13. If you increase the number of stages (say, three), I think you could drop the weight on the pad a bit. Using H2/LOX as fuel might give you a tiny further advantage (the Delta IV is very light for its payload, for example). But yeah, around there is the minimum. Rune. Lowest cost would be a completely different problem, as is also proven by the Delta IV.
  14. Hey, I stopped myself from going into "full broadside" mode against creationism and their arguments about the theory of evolution (which can never be more than a theory, like anything else, unless it stops being scientific). But I doubt the rest of the people will. I started an atheist, but nowadays I'm less... I guess you could say fundamentalist about it. Even verging on agnosticism, but not quite there yet. So if I turn out to be wrong (might be, I have no proof one way or the other), I think any decent deity would forgive my lack of faith. Basically, I see the whole question as irrelevant without further evidence, so why waste time until we are much closer to figuring out this whole thing we call universe. The bad part, is how many people have killed and been killed defending and imposing beliefs that cannot in any logical way be defended with any rational argument (because faith is inherently irrational, as a lot of people have pointed out). If you want to have faith, fine by me. But don't even try to get someone else to do the same thing, that's what I say. And organized religions... those are blatant tools for control, and I hate those. Period. Jesus Christ (a widely accepted and documented historical figure) would drop to his knees in tears if he saw how his admittedly wise words were twisted by the many christian sects after his death. Chief among them the mess the formerly high priest of the sun god that ruled the Roman Empire compiled as the present-day bible when he switched religions (and made his whole empire switch religions with him, for political gains). Rune. The only thing I believe without proof, is that everything is ultimately knowable. Even if I will never see it explained on my lifetime.
  15. Yeah, I also noticed the "gimballs are not smart" thing... by having them fight normal control torques and turn a giant ship (tractor designs work better structurally) into a horrible spaghetti thingy. Which is why, on tractor designs, I turn them off completely and steer either with RCS or control torque. Could use a polish, that.
  16. Actually, it is 50 tons less, at least on the Block I, which is likely the only one that will fly, if it even flies. Yeah, 70mT and 2-3 billion a year to get there. And they call that progress. Rune. Then again, as a jobs program, it's perfect, most of the money goes to pay salaries.
  17. What follows are all the designs that 0.25 and 0.90 made completely obsolete. They do still work great on the older version, though: Rune. For posterity's sake. Beware of the deceptively small-looking spoilers!
  18. The old thread went up in flames in the great crash of '13, but I was able to salvage something from google. Then, of course, everything got horribly outdated, but in one form or another, here is the good old R-SUV. Building stuff for the forums since 0.19! (I think. I know for sure I started the game on 0.17, just before docking). It is a work in progress, of course, and new ones will be added as I post them, generally to the top of the sections because newer is usually better. All stock, even if the screenshots show some mods (I do play with them). If you find something I missed, a shout is appreciated and I will clean the download or fix whatever needs fixing. So without further due... the sales pitch! Welcome, fellow space traveller!! Here at R-SUV, only the finest and flight-tested vehicles out of an actual aerospace engineer-in-training. And they even sometimes work! Disclaimer: Some, but not much, piloting skill required. After all, I can fly them, so they shouldn't be too difficult. --SPH SECTION-- Simply put, we deal with winged things in this section. Anything that needs a runway to take off belongs here, be it to start a long-range flight, or to put payload in orbit in a cheap way. A very cheap way. So fasten your seatbelts, make sure your seat back and tray are both in the full upwards position, and all your luggage is correctly stowed... --VAB SECTION-- And because this game is about rockets, I should really have a section on them, shouldn't I? --PAYLOADS SECTION-- Because, contrary to popular belief, there is a point to launching all those awesome craft. Putting all this awesome stuff on orbit! Well, that is all... for now! I will add new ones as I make them, if they are good enough in my opinion. Everything here can go to the stock repository directly if someone links. Feel free to tinker with them, modify, steal ideas, whatever. After all, I do the same! Also, remembering action groups for every ship is out of the question for me. Check them out on the assembly building before each flight, that's my motto. Oh, and comments are always appreciated if you test any of them out. NOTE: Most of the outdated craft can be found on a backup post just below if they are from the 0.9-0.25 period, or on page 9 on this thread if they are even older and the gods of the Internet kept the links safe. Go there if you haven't got enough with the ones on this page, most of them still work in the new versions! Rune. Ad Astra per kaboom!
  19. Nelson on that video: "NASA is being flatlined". I know he didn't mean to say that, but for once a politician actually spoke the truth. As in, there's no heartbeat and the patient is slipping. Rune. Not their fault, really, NASA does what it's told by Congress.
  20. So, since you don't allow us to touch the controls, and we all have to use the same craft, the only variable is how high you start? Seems rather pointless, doesn't it?
  21. Looks awesome, and you fly it like an ace. What to say, other than good job? Rune. Also takes the "faithful" statement to a whole new level. Even the RCS firing reminds me of the real one.
  22. Well, that's your gameplay, and I'll never fault you for it. When I get a craft somewhere, it usually stays there, so I like refuelling and easy handling, but that's my own gameplay, lot's of waypoint stations and shuttles everywhere. But, you know, you still inspired me, so... Rune. What's the problem, again?
  23. I didn't see that before the purge... else I would have already copied it! Looks awesome!
  24. They look cool as boop, but I'm afraid this would be too laggy for my taste. Plus, for me RCS and docking is kind of a must, but that's just personal preference and a lot of dockings on my back. I might try to design something similar with a smaller cockpit and payload (and hence, parts), though... Rune. I do have an i5, but playing on yellow time is frustrating IMO.
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