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  1. I'd recommend different albums, so we can clearly distinguish between the different crafts more easily. Also, they all look cool, very cool. Perhaps a little part-intensive, but that's the price of beauty. Rune. Good job! Now go post them on the stock repository, 'cause it needs us.
  2. I'm going to comments this, if only to get enough posts to be able to re-create my old threads. And because this thing is still cool as boop, too. Rune. A minute of silence for all the cool stuff we will never get back.
  3. I'm trying to create some new ones, but apparently I've been bumped down to newbie category when all my posts went up in a puff of smoke. And I was going to put the first thread on Kepler's new findings! But now I have to wait for a mod to approve it
  4. The last results from our favourite planet hunter: 5 new super-Earths, with two of them sharing a single star system. Isn't that cool beyond words? http://nasawatch.com/archives/2013/04/two-water-world.html Now all we need is an Earth 2.0 close by, and the guts to build a big bad-ass Orion interstellar colony ship, and we will have secured the future of humanity (and its descendants, whatever they are) in the universe, long after our parent star dies. I call that a survival imperative. Rune. And also, something that truly inspires people.
  5. I need a day of silence for my whole thread, gone in a puff of smoke. And the privilege to post and such, I'm back to 0 posts. Rune. Luckily, I have something to work from thanks to google.
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