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  1. It's registered to one Euan Mutch, who does a bit of YouTube gaming but oddly doesn't have any videos about KSP. Seems the clan is geared towards "gaming content on youtube". Part of some sort of video series maybe?
  2. It seems to belong to a Reddit user called Draftsman.
  3. Out of curiosity, what kind of transfer stage do you have for that thing? I've never found an elegant way to transport spaceplanes.
  4. It's hardly censorship, they're pointing out that you should look at the game as an unfinished item which will change significantly before final release because that's exactly what it is. There is plenty of time to fix things like odd balance mechanics once they get feedback from the community. Because the point of open betas like this is that they get bucket loads of feedback from players which they can imcorporate as the game grows. If they were going to wait until everything is 100% finished there'd be no discounted beta. Besides, it's easier to release things in stages and incorporate that feedback as you go than to release the whole thing in one lump and have to bugfix and balance the lot of it.
  5. The thing with single player sandbox games is that there's always going to be a small number of people who want to do something obscure which probably isn't going to appeal to the majority of people. Just look at Whackjob's crazy contraptions, I'm sure they can think of something which would really help them in their crazy quests but which wouldn't help the majority of people who stick to sane builds. It might be something as simple as not wanting to lose all of your old ships/probes/flags, but wanting to run through the tech tree as well. Just imagine it as a new storyline: To celebrate their latest launch, the KSC staff organise a party. Jeb is mortified that nobody organised fireworks, and stomps off to make his own out of the only things he could get his hands on: rocket parts. Fifteen minutes later and the launchpad has been obliterated, the rest of the KSC is damaged beyond repair and the engineers have run for the hills. After building a new KSC out of cardboard, Jeb tries to restart the space program. Unfortunately, the schematics for all of the old parts went up in smoke with the old KSC and the only parts which Jeb didn't use were the ones which he thought were too puny for his badass fireworks display. Your priorities are: Use your collection of Puny Parts to collect observations and samples around Kerbin. These will help you to track down the wussy engineers who legged it during the fireworks display. Start sending basic missions into orbit and collect more science. The observations will help the few engineers who didn't run away to redesign the bigger rocket components from scratch. Make contact with all of your old missions. We can't remember how many astronauts we'd sent up before Jeb destroyed the old KSC, so you might want to send empty capsules in case anyone has been waiting for a taxi ride home. It'd just be nice to run through the whole tech tree without getting rid of your old missions or having to switch back-and-forwards between saves I think.
  6. Backup your saves, create fresh Career and Sandbox games, compare them to find differences and edit away. At a glance in a career save the persistent.sfs file has something near the very top called Mode set to 1, maybe changing that to a 0 might swap it. There's also a block headed SCENARIO with a line reading sci = [number]. I'm guessing that's the stored amount of science you've got. Just bear in mind that brute-forcing a career into a sandbox or vice-versa may have unintended consequences. Unless you know the system inside and out like a Squad dev then you may never track down all of the things which might affect the conversion.
  7. Having a lot of fun so far, the only thing I'd say is that it'd be good if there was a list of science you've done so that you know which experiments you have and haven't done. This would be especially handy with the biome samples, because at the moment you have to keep a manual record of which biomes you've explored so far.
  8. And a smartphone app which sets off every kind of alarm imaginable when it happens, and then autoposts on your Twitter and G+ to tell everyone else in the world that you're now in the humungous download queue.
  9. I was just thinking that to complete the set we just need a "Has the KSP update been released yet?" website.
  10. AMD Phenom II X3 720 clocked at 3.2GHz Radeon 6850 8GB RAM Seems to run fine with anything up to ~150 parts, although MechJeb causes a bit of stutter even with small ships for some reason. I'd love to upgrade to something a bit more new. Awesome, how many seconds per frame do you get?
  11. It's obviously Jeb and some hair-brained scheme to very slowly deorbit Kerbin, now that you've discovered his plot he's destroyed the evidence.
  12. Take a look at at about 5:30, they've got a neat looking way of doing it.
  13. Haha brilliant! I'm gonna have an interactive flag: If only the Mun had a better connection...
  14. Trial and error. Mainly error. Little steps at a time is the key I think, and the forums here are full of helpful information you might not have figured out by yourself. Try finding somebody's Mun landing tutorial, follow it to the letter (with their rocket design), and once you've done it their way start fiddling with the rocket design and see what happens to it's performance.
  15. No, I think it was some sort of glitch. It began when I docked it with my Mun base (in docking mode I might add) and the whole base started floating away, so I undocked the rover and it continued to just drift about in slow motion. A quickload fixed it.
  16. Nice! How did you build the orbital, and how big is it? For some reason one of my Mun rovers went into bizarro micro-gravity mode last night and was almost floating away.
  17. 1. Update KSP to allow asteroid capture missions. 2. Every time the NASA mission comes up, say "Think this is cool? Try it yourself in our game!" 3. ???? 4. Profit! You could always get the game to pre-insert them into random orbits as an asteroid-shaped rocket component so you could "dock" with them using something like the quantum struts mod to catch them.
  18. In the assembly buildings you can rotate parts 90 degrees using WSAD, or 5 degrees using Shift+WSAD. You can use that to make hexagons, and I'm guessing that's what other people mostly do.
  19. Nope, that got fixed a couple of patches ago and there was an immediate storm of "OMG RCS sucks now! Change it back!" threads.
  20. Finally! My very first SSTO plane to make it into orbit and dock with my station. Now I just need to figure out how to increase the dV enough to take 3 Kerbonauts to orbit...
  21. The gear wheels are really handy, I use one in a sort of "inverted" crane. I move my modules with the rover underneath using the big wheels. To deploy it you just lower the module legs and decouple, to move it again you move the rover back underneath, raise it on the gears so that it docks and then lower everything again onto the big wheels and off you go! The handy thing about this is that your modules can be any height you want and any width that's stable as long as the rover can get underneath the legs.
  22. The tiny engines are really just for orientation seeing as the Aerospike isn't gimballed. Hopefully there's enough dV left to stick on a 'chute otherwise Jeb is in trouble!
  23. Seeing as this is turning into the general SSTO thread, does anyone have any good non-video tutorials on SSTO planes? I can make decent aircraft but I've never got one into orbit. I'm guessing it's something to do with how I'm flying them.
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