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  1. I tried the runway last night and it seems fine now. I have no idea what happened. This was all after the update went in.
  2. The runway is suddenly tilled on it's side. It still works but makes using it really weird. Also, when using revert to VAB, the game crashes about half the time.
  3. so far everything works until I try to revert to VAB then it just sits there spinning bat does nothing.
  4. For some reason my jet engines will not throttle up. The throttle will go up until the engine is activated and then it drops to zero and will not move. The idle engine sound comes on but that's it. All other rocket and propeller engines work fine. And Yes I have intakes. I've even tried it with stock craft. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Has anyone else experienced this? Another thing which is happening is - I build a space craft and it works fine. The next time I load the game it says parts are unavailable.
  5. I had a game running in 1.4.2 and had every building upgraded. Then I upgraded it to 1.4.3. Everything was running great until I went to hire more Kerbals and found that I couldn't. It said I had a limit of 12 yet I already had 22 since it was an upgrade from a running game. I tried to upgrade the astronaut complex and got the message that I couldn't because 'Midlands' was blocking it. Midlands is not any of my parts but it is the biome. I don't know how the biome could block it but does anyone know how it might be fixed? I need help as I have run out of engineers
  6. I have discovered that Mechjeb is disabling my liquid engine throttle. The rocket throttle works fine. I am using KSP 1.3.1 and have the latest MechJeb2- Each time I put Mechjeb on an aircraft I have no throttle control for the liquid engines. It's really frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas? TIA...
  7. Where do I find this mod? It's not at the posted location.
  8. First off ... This is a great mod. Thanks! I am trying to build a large ship out of it but I am having problems with the rectangular docking ports ..... they won't join up. Is there something I don't know about? Am I doing something wrong? Can someone help please?
  9. I put the LC-T45 on all and it flew straight. You might also try fins on all sides, not just 2 sides. I meant LV-T45
  10. I just tested your ships. On #3 you are using engine LV-T30 which has no vectoring so it will not steer. Use engine LV-T45. It has vectoring and goes straight. As for #4 if you check your balance you will see that the thrust/mass is slightly skewed. I haven't tested far enough to see why this is. A solution I use when I have strange craft is the DRAkTEC-VTOL-pack. It has some engines in it which can be used for throttle streering and work like a charm when you have an unbalanced load. In #4 your rover is unbalanced and will not land properly either. Check out the VTOL pack. It can cure some of those problems.
  11. I can't seem to find where to submit crash reports. Can some good green person point me in the right direction? Not Bill though
  12. You seem to know what you're doing ... could you help me? I just got blender to try. I was going to see if I could revamp some parts that nobody seems to own anymore. How does one bring an '.mu' or '.mbm' into it? How is an import done?
  13. Thank you! This much easier than doing it one part at a time, especially if there's a large quantity
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