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  1. Landing my Kerbals on Duna after a long trip. Plenty of explosions...
  2. Landed my return vehicle on Duna, ready for the Kerbals to arrive now.
  3. My Martian inspired trip to Duna is working well in Kerbal Space Program
  4. Doing a martian style trip to Duna in a similar fashion to Nasa's plans. Although a little Kerbal style too.
  5. My first time sending out multiple probes at the same time, one after each other.
  6. Im starting to make long range probes, they seem pretty good. youtu.be/cwNSPCRaB7o?a
  7. Not entirely to plan - - - Updated - - - Now trying to refuel my ship
  8. Finally unlocking some more awesome science.
  9. Lucky kerbals done have bones to break...
  10. Nothing like some explosions before you land.
  11. I'm getting up close and personal with Minmus
  12. I felt like a pro doing these surveys, this is teaching me a lot about moving my orbits.
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