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  1. There is a lot of great information in this topic, especially for a returning player who's been out of the business of Kerbals for over a year. How do you get the fuel out of the ISRU and into a spaceship? If I land nearby, is there now a part that lets me run a hose line and gas up? Or do I need to bring this into orbit and fill up a gas station?
  2. I have a pod circling the Mun with a scientist inside. How do I activate the EVA Reports? Everything else is working swimmingly, just no EVA luck. Do I need to park the scientist outside, and hope she can hold on for a few hours?
  3. Never mind. I'm an idiot. All this time what I thought was an "MPL" was actually the "Crew Cabin, Mk 1". While it is extremely useful for storing science data, apparently it doesn't work like the MPL. My mistake. Ugh.
  4. Got that. I have both scientists in the MPL, an empty command module (since I could not figure out a good way to get the scientists in and out past the pilot), and a probe core to insure the vehicle is in "command". The science is stored in the MPL, not the command module.
  5. I unlocked the MPL last night, and thought, ok, now we are ready to do Science! Build one, launched it into space, but I can't load data? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. To trouble-shoot, this is what I did: First, uninstalled all mods. Jeb and my science guy went poof upon reloading to test. Sorry, Jeb. Then I had to build a new vehicle, and tried testing this on the launchpad where I still had a little science to acquire. With just an MPL, a command module, power, and comms, I cannot load science into data. I don't get the flask looking icon, just a save icon, when I look at my reports in the command module. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I'm confused. If you used the parachute for the landing on Duna, how did you repack it to land on Kerbal?
  7. I always hit F5 (quick save) before going EVA because of this. Then if he lets go, you can immediately F9 to restore your save. You aren't doing anything wrong. Kerbals sometimes get distracted by the cosmos, and forget to grab the rail. (Bug.)
  8. I use Mech Jeb. If I had to do every single thing manually, I would have quit this game and never come back.
  9. I think that would be very hard to test for. As I read up more on what reaction wheels are for, logic would put them as far away from the center of mass and on the opposite end of the source of thrust. Maybe with a very long rocket, it could be determined.
  10. Ok thanks! It's amazing. Even after playing for so long, I'm still learning things.
  11. Ok, I completely misunderstood their purpose. I thought they were used to spin the rocket as it ascended through the atmosphere. Sometimes my rockets do that, and sometimes they don't, and I came here trying to discover the correlation. So torque is used entirely like an RCS, although differently - it's used to move the rocket to point it in a specific direction, and not spin it in terms of stabilization. In that case, would more torque assist my rockets in ascent when I have a hard time keeping them pointed in the wrong direction?
  12. I have a couple of questions about the modules that are supposed to spin your rocket and supposedly give it control. 1) First, the capsule already has some torque available to it. So when should I use these modules? How do I know if I need one, and how do I know when I need more than one? 2) Where should these be placed in the stack for best effect? 2) All three of the modules (Inline Reaction Wheel, Inline Advanced Stabilizer, and Advanced S.A.S Module) give the same amount of torque. So what is the point of using one over another? Thanks! I hope to learn something in this thread that will make my Kerbal-naughts survive longer!
  13. As an afterthought, if we can only be affected by one gravity well, it is theoretically possible to establish a geosynchronous orbit around Kerbal that is in line with the Mun. While this would not be a true Lagrange point, it might meet my intention of a halfway station. Any suggestions on how I might actually establish that? Most days I'm pretty lucky just getting into orbit with fuel left, but sometimes I can follow a flight plan pretty well.
  14. Thank you for the explanation Streetwind. In regards to your idea, I think that is absolutely brilliant, and that may be an excellent solution for my problem. Thanks!
  15. Well, that is disappointing, but thank you for the quick answer.
  16. Has anyone determined the Lagrange 1 point between Kerbal and the Mun? Does it even exist with Minmus involved? If it does exist, I would be very interested in finding out the details. I am finding the calculations (considering Minmus) to be a little beyond my ability at the moment. Thanks!
  17. The thing is, Kerbals are cheap. All those electronics are expensive, and until you have researched a way to protect them from SPACE EFFECTS, the Government won't let you have them. After all, you can always breed more Kerbals...
  18. This is what I had to do after running out of fuel bringing Jeb back from Minmus. I had a highly elliptical orbit that only came just within 1500 km of Kerbin (and millions of miles out into space on the other end - a 4 day orbital period). I sent up a probe-manned lander can, set up an extremely tricky rendezvous, and then jet-packed Jeb from the dead spacecraft to the rescue pod. Once he was safely back on Kerbin, I sent the self-destruct order to the dead spacecraft. I lost some science, but I had not yet researched any sort of docking tech and so there was no way for me to refuel it.
  19. How do I put it back to how it was? I'm not interested in unlocking the features through science. I would rather have all the MechJeb features from the start, like in the Sandbox. Nevermind, I figured it out. Just delete the "unlock" requirement lines, in case anyone else wants to know.
  20. I am hoping that the Wiki provides a more expanded definition of the product...
  21. Looking at the Wiki, I see this line right off the bat on the Double-C Accelerometer: "Attached to the side of an ascent stage this environmental sensor can be used to control your acceleration during launch to provide a better and constant ascent, using less fuel for the same orbit." Has anyone experimented with this yet? What results did you find?
  22. I learned to build a space plane just by unlocking the landing struts. I thought I could skid them down the runway until my rocket engine and delta wings generated lift. It didn't work. --- Moment of silence for an expoded Jeb ---
  23. For the most science value, don't transmit. Land safely, recover the vehicle, and you will get a 100% multiplier, not a 30% one.
  24. You are going to be running short LKO flights for a while anyway. The inherent power capacity of the capsule should be plenty as long as you focus on the flight and not get distracted building another ship, like I did. -- moment of silence for Jeb, floating up there all freeze-dried --
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