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  1. First off, keybindings: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Key_Bindings As for no exit button, did you try pressing Esc, as in just about any application nowadays Esc brings up the 'exit menu'.
  2. I haven't set out to do this myself but it shouldn't be too difficult, with a good approach. I'd suggest aerobraking the 'mothership' in Jool's atmosphere to begin with, leaving it in an orbit with a high AP, around the outermost moon's altitude (Pol, I think?). Once you get to that AP raise your PE slightly so it's not in Jool's atmosphere, detatch a probe and aerobrake that one in turn to lower its AP to the desired target's altitude, orbit insertion as usual. Rinse repeat for other probes.
  3. Since this looks like a craft sharing thread it'll probably fit better in Spacecraft Exchange. Please consider carefully where you place new threads, Rule 2.4 is in effect. Thread moved.
  4. No need to necro old threads, especially since you'd already made a fresh thread asking for help. Thread closed.
  5. Since you are using mods please note down which ones, people without those mods installed can't open the craft file. You could also post images, which could help with initial visuals only help.
  6. SAS relies on control surfaces, engine gimbal and reaction wheels to keep your heading. Add a reaction wheel or two plus some winglets (behind CoM) and canards (forward of CoM). Edit: Since you're on 0.19 disregard the bit about reaction wheels. More control surfaces should do the trick.
  7. Please do not revive old threads. Thread closed.
  8. Please do not continue to bump your thread, if people don't enter your challenge they're simply not interested.
  9. Weeklies have been turned into dailies, see here. Dailies are posted in the The Daily Kerbal section. That said, thread closed.
  10. Folks, let's stay on topic. We're here to discuss the Shapeways KSP products, not alternatives.
  11. Please continue the discussion here rather than creating separate threads. Thread closed.
  12. Compared to the previous post, no, but that in return was. However since there's a current thread discussing this, let's move the discussion over there, shall we? Thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59971-Lets-discuss First images of new models http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59971-Lets-discuss?p=810503&viewfull=1#post810503
  13. I'll be buying at least 4, if they're what I'm guessing they are. Scientist, builder, EVA, and blue flight suit (second from the right). First on the right I reckon is a off duty clothes Kerbal.
  14. Click the snap to function bottom left of your screen, 'Toggle Angle Snap'. You can also press C instead of clicking it with your mouse. If you have x2 symmetry toggled you should be able to place 2 wheels at a time, opposite sides. So that you place front left and right rear, then front right and left rear.
  15. Today means today I reckon. Third from the left Clickie here. Also this. Edit: The mystery is no more.. (clickie picture for store link) Available in two different sizes.
  16. One way is using a premade generator, like this: http://kspmissiongenerator.webs.com/hard-missions
  17. Please do not make multiple threads about the same issue. Also please look at the forums list and think twice about where to place your thread, rule 2.4 is in effect. Further discussion can be continued in the now properply placed thread here.
  18. I don't use the abort sequence function itself, but I do build in escape functionality into a lot of crafts. My airplanes / spaceplanes pretty much always have one, whileas manned spacecraft modules don't always. Usually I feel that it's enough without, sometimes I'm just lazy and use revert flight to iron out issues. I've yet to play a 100% serious straight off the pad save, if I were to then everything would get escape systems that were tested by unmanned systems until they worked flawlessly. Which actually sounds like a fun thing to do (the testing/designing aspect), think I'll start on that later today.
  19. *Moderator hat on* zekes please be considerate and use a gallery if you want to post a bunch of images, especially since those are on imgur. Your post was rather bloated in size. *Moderator hat off* That doesn't look like Apollo at all and the only similarity is that there's docking involved and that the lander is separate. You don't have 3 crew, nor a 2 stage lander, and you seem to be launching predocked with the lander upside down. There are indeed low partcount solutions for most things, but this thread is intended for replica or similarity crafts, not just posting random manned Mün missions.
  20. You can't do unmanned flight until you unlock the probecores through manned flights, change their science requirements or change the pod config file. If you want to play the career mode as it currently is in the stock game without altering any files yourself you'll just have to do manned flights until you unlock the probecores. And this is a computer game not designed to 100% mimic historical spaceflight, so any argument or expectation there is moot. To prevent decouplers/stage separators from having too much force you can use struts to connect the stages to eachother.
  21. Duxwing please read the Challenge Submission Guide. Until you can demonstrate that your challenge is indeed possible this thread will be locked. Feel free to message a moderator with your demonstration or if you would like it re-opened for changes that would make it more feasible.
  22. I'm a huge fan of Apollo, here's some of the stuff I've done so far, I've yet to dedicate heaps of time to create something that's extremely accurate though (like Mulbin's). I've been very happy with the rover, pretty much 100% set, except posting these pictures I realized the dish antenna's been changed. Thinking I'll have to add the old one to my install just for looks on the rover. CSM and lander get weaked between missions really, the rover I can build from memory by now. Rover CSM Lander
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