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  1. I'll check with scansat - but I do believe that the waypoint is borked and I seriously hope that its not my terrain detail setting... I started out this playthrough trying to use the paralax mod to make everything all purdy, but I couldn't get it work, so I removed that mod. I really hope that didn't bork terrain height markers now
  2. Basically, its a "go fix this rover on the mun, then move it to this location" As you can see on the nav-ball, and the small bit from the map, then I am right on top of the damn point... but the mission isn't registering it. I can drive back and forth on the location, nothing happens. What is happening? is the location set "too low" in the terrain or something? Is there a way to fix this bug? Do I have to do something special with the rover? I attached a pilot seat and a solar array on it, so it could be powered and driven to the location in question, which was 2km from where the rover originally was (where you can see the lander on the map screenshot) Please advice
  3. I figured it out! Its a time thing You have to leave the setup and then just speed up time. It'll gather science on its own - and transmit it back to earth in 10% increments (which also means it wont generate science forever...) the mission is just about getting 50% of the total possible science sent. This also means that you need, as a minimum, the controler, three power units (solar or whatnot), the deployable ground goo thing and the communotron deployable to make it work. On the plus side, it means you can have your kerbals just leave the setp and go home once its deployed.
  4. I'll have to test that uhm.... its not good - but I can't tell if that's because of tweaking the config I made a rover with a sky-crane assembly - and simply starting that up on the launch pad resulted in it wobling from side to side. It never stopped. So I would consider rovers broken for the time being, until a fix to the rover wobble becomes a thing but again - this mainly seems to be an issue when there's a lot top-heavy weight on the wheels. when the sky-crane came off on minmus, the rover behaved far more normally, albeit still a bit bouncy. No scratch that, bouncy as all hell...
  5. I had a go with this first up, with a Mk1 lander can and 4 x LT-2 landing struts. The bounce ended very quickly, less than a second. This was good With a giant fuel can on top: there was a tiny amount of bouncing, much less than before (it used to go from 0 to 0.3 m/s just from bouncing on the launch pad) - now it never got to more than 0.1m/s and stopped in less than a second I'll have to do a final test with a lander on minmus to check: ok - there was a bounce.... one - and this was with an 11 ton lander - but it came to an absolute halt on the second landing, and the LT-2 struts didn't bottom out at all. They seemed to be have quite normally.
  6. Just to test things, I started a fresh 1.5.1 sandbox game and experimented: first up I took a mk1 lander can, and 4 LT-2 struts around it - launching that, there was no noticable bounce on the launc pad. Then I added a big ol' S3-14400 (the biggest 3m fuel tank) on top - launched that, and that setup bounced for a good 5-6 seconds on the launch pad before it came to a halt. There is 100% something wrong here.
  7. I'm on 1.5 - I still get all the bounce. Landing on Minmus, or any very low-gravity location, is really tricky now. I need to add RCS just to hold my landers down initially
  8. I'm having issues with excessive bounce as well - both when using LT-1 and LT-2 landing struts ...what can I do to reduce it?
  9. I don't trust my own modding skills to pull that off I was hoping that someone had already made a mod for it with a new item or something - I'll be quite surprised if there isn't something like this already made
  10. So... I have an idea: I want to make a probe, shoot it at an asteroid, then have it launch a science sample box back to Kerbin - and of course that should include a soil sample! ...but there's no gizmo that allows for remote soil sample collection, at least not in vanilla KSP AFAIK. Are there any mods that allow for this?
  11. aww damnit... from what I can tell I bought the game three months too late to get the DLC free
  12. aww poo do you know if the current version works in 1.2?
  13. Jand - are there any plans to update the mod for 1.2???
  14. Ok, I got my crane to the mün! It was a pain to land the thing next to the capsule, but I finally - after I don't know how many attempts (and a mid-mission refueling by draining the nearby probe's lander) - got it ready: Crane unfolded and ready to try: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771393029508345/82F4D874782FD9859DEAFE8E6670F0B8B4750FE7/ Got it: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771393029509063/3470278F4F90FCFEE50E84FA5DC9197565E1EC57/ But then... excrements started going wrong. Apparently, even a 0.6 ton pod is too heavy for the hinges to lift up - even on the mün. The cylinders couldn't retract either. So to fix this I simply tipped the whole thing over on the side - that seemed to fix things. However, when I began retracting everything, things started going wrong - like, bugging out. Look at this: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771393029515311/9E71878D5B551B841A544C4D3D44ACF17D5D35F5/ Look at the join in the middle. Its looks like the hinges are flipped. The cylinder on the left is also weird (its supposedly retracted) I can't pull it all together. I can unfold it all again - but I can't pull it together. What the hell. Any suggestions? ...at least the mission is paying well enough that I can afford to send two more missions to collect the pod - but I really wanted this to work!
  15. Ya but getting a skycrane or VTOL shaped lander to the mün is a bit of a pain for me... I don't have access to all the parts just yet in this run - so I'm a tad limited
  16. plusck - I know your feel and indeed - my main gripe with my crane setup right now is that I can't really compress it any more right now. I've also considered using the mod Quantunstruts to allow me to affix the crane grabber once I've picked up the capsule. This should drastically reduce wiggle. That's part of what I actually really like about this particular design challenge: It really pushes the limit of what is possible to do in KSP.
  17. thank you ATM my main issue with getting this done successfully seems to be item limitations - I don't have access to all the possible parts, and only have access to 2.5 rockets and whatnot. I'm taking this as an interesting design challenge - plus with the amount of money the contract is offering, then the budget for the missing is quite large (200K or so)
  18. Ya a rover solution... I've considered that - but... I dunno - that screams drag when launching. But ok, i'll keep it in mind. And Snark - I didn't choose to go to the mün because it was easy, I chose to recover pods because it is hard!
  19. Ok... So, after unlocking actuators and that lovely claw, I now get rescue contracts that wants you to tug the capsule back home as well. Ok, the pay is good... why not? However, I am a bit unsure on how to make the best capsule retrieval system. Currently I'm working on a design that looks a bit like this: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771022147960329/32A79DC794089021626C34549AD8A3798BDE199A/ - it has a fairing covering it for launch... I just removed it for the screenshot The booster-covered bottom part is all launch rig. This thing can get to the mün easily, and land too... well, with regular payloads, science wads and landers. Here's with the crane out: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771022147987306/6B8A77CDC48F762AF7FAA33085CE10EB196DD677/ The only challenge is landing next to the pod - but honestly, that's not so hard. It's on a level surface. With this compacted crane load, designed to reach down and grab the capsule I'm supposed to rescue... well... I've yet to successfully get this into orbit. It keeps breaking for some reason when I launch it. I've used struts to stabilize it. They lock on from the base of the crane to the claw, and keep it fairly steady, but apparently not enough. The crane itself has a long enough reach, but... I dunno. I dread to think how this should be done without mods like infernal robotics - the claw doesn't let you stack stuff on top of it, so mounting it under a land so you can fly over, grab and fly off just doesn't seem viable, unless you make a skycrane meant to fly upside down - and I really don't like that idea. Thoughts? How do you lot retrieve capsules from surfaces?
  20. So... I'm looking for a mod that has a nosecone in it, with a booster that blows sideways... basically to help move booster rockets away quickly. Another nice-to-have would be something akin to the sepratron, but fuelled by monopropelant so it wont damage anything it sprays onto are there any mods that contain these?
  21. Heyo I have recently started using the EVA Enhancements mod - and I am in love. It's making finding research locations during EVA so much easier - its delightful. However, I've been thinking: Are there any mods that augment the EVA jetpacks? Perhaps tied in with some science? Like, something that makes EVA jetpack stronger - make the EVA suit more impact resistant - something to slow down 'tumbles' when you fall down hills or hit the ground at too high horizontal speed Is there anything like that around or being made?
  22. I've been playing KSP for a while... Steam say 469 hours in total. yet despite this, I'm finding the changes in the latest update impossible to work with. When I do something as simple as dropping a Mk1 command pod, with a heat shield underneath, and the small chute on top, straight down from a sub-orbital 200K max-height flight - everything else jettisoned and whatnot then I can't get the damn thing to work. The pod never slows down enough for the chute to become deployable. When I hit the ground at sea-level I'm going aruond 2-300 m/s What on earth has changed? This is making career mode impossible - I don't have access to the drag-chutes yet. Please advice I can't describe how frustrating this is. Its like everything I knew about the game doesn't work anymore.
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