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  1. They've already had to disable most of the equipment because if power concerns. I'm sure they've got memory to spare
  2. those by definition have no event horizons...
  3. Multiple sources give 235km for the apogee and -50km for the perigee, so 7677m/s at apogee for the ship. The 7763m/s total velocity given for a circular orbit is is only 1% off this value. That could be just round off error or it could be you don't literally want a test vehicle to achieve orbit to allow for a planned deorbit at a specific region
  4. and ignore all of the people that reply as well?
  5. cut SpaceX some slack; after all, we're making the same mistake over and over again right now
  6. This thread has approximately eight hours before it becomes solely a discussion on the Chinese Room problem Good luck
  7. 7.5 hours total That's a solid angle of .065 steradians, pretty big, comparable to your outstretched fist Assuming everything is in the same plane (which is not true at all but I don't want to do the real math), the angular diameter of Mars is 9% of the arc of the sky, so you'd be in some kind of eclipse 9% of the time. The Sun only has an angular diameter of .006 rads, so basically all of the time would be in a total clipse
  8. "outdated" implies it was ever good to begin with
  9. The US and USSR would race to be the first to land on a moon, and unless in this reality the Soviets were just behind America and could go for a landing on the second as a consolation price, the lower would give up while the winner went on to visit the other Moon just to run up the score
  10. I can just barely read it without needing to out my phone in my face
  11. can somebody please hit the jukebox it's acting up
  12. At the risk of getting modded, can you please stop talking about the Raptor and its reliability all of the time?
  13. bro you can read his posts they speak for themselves regardless, I don't think his other businesses will affect SpaceX. as far as I knew they're completely isolated
  14. Amazon was getting sued for violating fiduciary responsibilities for not buying SpaceX launches for Kuiper, so Bezos wouldn't've'd much of a say either way
  15. for falcon 9, going off wiki numbers and assuming they all use max thrust (order of magnitude estimate), takes 1.6 GJ to get 22 tons. Some random site says ISS's solar panels deliver 2/3 of a kW/kg, so that's potentially 14 MW per launch. Only like a day to make up the expenditure
  16. then by definition it wouldn't be "waste heat" would it
  17. An industry that famously produces a ton of waste heat that needs to be removed is about the worst possible choice for one to be moved to space
  18. what's "rotating" compared to a symmetrical gaussian beam? the only difference a rotation makes is polarization and you are already free to set up the polarization to whatever is convenient (and it probably either doesn't matter or if it does, just make it circularly polarized )
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