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  1. I'm not exactly sure how that would be "spoilers". If anything, I almost see it as more realistic. I mean, in real life, we know that there are Biomes on planets and we aim our missions at them when we send probes. I think that instead spoiling anything by knowing that you need a soil sample from the Minmus Polar Biome, it will give players something to work towards. Or maybe, have a condition for the science list, like an Orbital probe performs tests in space, and comes up with a list of biomes, which then gives you the list of things you need. Such as Soil Samples, Temperature readings, etc... You know what else might be good? A Mission planner. Like, the goal if the mission is to reach Mun's Lowlands, so you can setup your launch time, oribital changes, landing poisitons, time on surface, return time, ETC. Nothing automated, just something you can use, and of course, have the ability to make fly-by-wire changes (like Armstrong did on the moon landing).
  2. I'm not sure if this is suggested, but I'd like a list of science reports that haven't been done yet, and that need to be. For example, if you haven't gotten a Soil Sample from a certain Biome, it's in a "to-do" area or on a list. I only say this, because I'm sometimes "scavenging" for easy science, especially early game and a list of what I've not done would be useful.
  3. What does the white bar mean, if it's full does that mean you've done all the research you can?
  4. I'm gonna be trying KerbCam. I'm not an editor, but I have a TON of editing software at my disposal (I work as a Unit Production Manager for films).
  5. Yea, that's what I'm doing phunk. I thought he meant, like, will it keep the science.
  6. Why does KSP look so beautiful on everyone else's machines? Is there a mod I'm missing or something? I have a GTS 250, 24 GB of Ram, and an Intel i7... I should be able to CRUSH this.
  7. I hope so. I'm designing a ship based which has "science missiles" as I'm calling them, which are guided rockets that I return to Kerbin with after using all their science modules so I can recover them.
  8. My dreams have been shattered. I hope your happy. I even started designing the segments:
  9. Might this be feasible? If it is, anyone have any Idea how I might be able to accomplish it?
  10. Today, I was working on some mun landings. The results: of 7 attempts: 1 Complete destruction of craft 5 landings with "tip-overs" 1 Successful landing, but without enough fuel to return to Kerbin, and no transmitter for my science. Luckily, the were all unmanned.
  11. Challenge Proposed? Edit: NEVERMIND I just ran one for 10 straight minutes and it refused to do anything except continue to function as the magnificent bastard it is.
  12. It's usually my second addition to the station. I usually go, Core, Habitation Module, Escape Pod, Fuel Tanks. Now however, I put my Space Station into a 175KM orbit, and nothing else goes there unless it's rendezvousing.
  13. I had a similar problem. I used a solid-fuel rocket with a command pod and the parachute deployed and detached itself, leaving Jeb to fall to his death, which knowing he was dead, meant that he would exit the pod and make an EVA report on his way. It said something along the lines of being in a precarious position. After this, I just put a command module on the ground, walked out, gathered some samples and reports, then recovered and teched up.
  14. Hermes I, first in the 4 part Hermes Program to gather science on Kerbin and in LKO.
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