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  1. If you think supporting this mod is that easy. Why not try to join the group and help out. I worked on a what was probably a much simpler version of this mod. (Realism Progression LITE) And you have no idea how complex it is to try and update it. There are a lot of dependencies that prevent you from updating until they are all done. And the longer the list of required mods, the higher the risk that a key mod may start receiving less updates, see no longer getting any support. The countless hours that modders spent on making something like this goes underappreciated. Having shouldered the burden a long time ago. I have all the patience in the world for these brave few lads. To be fair you might not be aware of the intricacies at play with this mod. But asking to "make it without real fuels" would be like asking to make a human but without any blood in it. You can't just excise a key mod like that.
  2. Yeah, I messed up an install yesterday... by picking a texture pack for RSS but not RSS in CKAN... /shame But it had that very same 'issue' where ground stations were all messed up. When I properly selected RSS it was all working perfectly for me. So perhaps nobodyhasthis can confirm what mods he's running or not.
  3. What do you want the sounding rocket avionics package to do? If it's to steer the rocket it's not meant for that. You can only stage with it as Nathan explained. That component is meant to be 'unguided'. If you want to use it, then it should be attached to a booster, but that whole thing will need to be attached to a larger rocket which will have the larger 1m avionics/probe/controller. But once you separate from that stage it should be set so that the booster kicks in, but it's hands off from there. You can still right click send telemetry, etc. But you won't be able to do anything else. Does that answer your question? It's not a bug.
  4. It warms my heart to see a career mod for RO. You guys did such a splendid job, better than anything I would have dreamed to accomplish. My hats off to all you beautiful people. Cheers to the RP-0 team!
  5. WOW! RO has gone so far since I last used it. Thanks to everyone involved for the beautiful work.
  6. Wow! This is probably the sexiest thing since... KSP. You sir are a scholar and a gentlemen! This is just... ;_; /tips hat
  7. It might not be, I think that Nathan mentioned it wasn't up to speed just yet. So you might be correct on that, I'm completely out of the loop at this point. If I can help out with RP-Zero or do an RPL reboot down the line I'd be more than happy to. From what I saw my woes of making tech trees and dealing with short comings of the only tool available at the time, are gone.
  8. Cheers Ratzap! I learned tons working on this! I have to say ironically I gave 1.0 a spin yesterday, and I kind a like what I see. I dust off the cobwebs and fire up RSS/RO and this new realistic progression career mod 'RP-Zero' I think is the name. Stock Kerbal is so darn small, even after all this time away. lol
  9. Oh my! I have to give this a spin! Glad to see there's someone holding a realistic career mod alive! Woo!
  10. I'm just doing a quick post to apologize for abandoning the project and thanks for all those who've supported and the rare few who managed to enjoy it. Never managed to get ye olde life back on track so I'm still twitching in some ditch somewhere. Best community I've ever had to privilege to interact with, thanks again and all the best.
  11. Alright, so I just burned myself out at work again. Probably going to take another leave soon. So I might as well come back and feel useful here. Give me a week or two to recuperate and i'll kick the engines back on. Stay tuned!
  12. Hey Ratzap! Dr.Jet seems to say that we can have additional nodes in this other tree tool thing? Sorry I haven't looked it up. All that Treeloader work to crap is a bit sad, but if the dream can live on that's better! There was no way in hell I could have given RPL any facetime this summer, even know it's 50 hour weeks and disturbing calls on weekends. Hopefully this roller coaster will die!
  13. That's rather unfortunate. I know that r4m0n is crazy busy, so not sure if we'll see an update. If 'ATC' doesn't support additional nodes than RPL is definitely impossible to transfer over. There are easily 30+ new nodes.
  14. OMG, I found the code! And I found the master excel sheet of the project. Sweet mother of kerbals. Ratzap, this will be suuuper helpful. Or extremely confusing. Either way YIPPY! BTW, After doing a quick review of the code on github it seems some references were broken and rather than show the actual string to check it turned them into the word "text" as opposed to "Situation1" or whatever the hell i wrote. So finding this code might fix some of the issues if you were running off github. yay
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