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  1. [endquote] I... I think you need more boosters.
  2. I\'m starting to think you\'re spamming. This question is on EVERY CHALLENGE AND TUTORIAL ON THE FORUM. Leave us alone.
  3. 2 things. 1. I have ASAS and ASAS installed, and this seemed to solve it. 2. Earth doesn\'t do that, though. If I jump on a coin, I\'ll land on that coin, yes? How fast does Kerbin spin? Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello. Many of you may remember this post from the 0.12x pages. But, one part of my problem was not solved. Here goes. I make a very simple, 2-stage, solid-liquid rocket. However, as soon as I launch, my rocket leans eastward, and crashes into the Kerbanic Ocean. > Any help? ??? Thanks 8)
  5. Absolutely! I\'m no noob (I can do almost any orbit)
  6. Hiya. Anyone know how to use the gimballing engines? I tried using them with ASAS, but it didn\'t seem to move... Any help? Thanks 8)
  7. Done. This was my setup: Pod All I had to do is wait! Done: Instant orbit! In all seriousness, I could satellite the sun if I wanted to, but Kerbin already orbits it...
  9. In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the world. Canadians couldn\'t care less. And then he discovered a place... Between today\'s Jordan and Iraq... The city of... KERMAN! Saw it in my atlas!
  10. Nope.avi Those are just parts falling off a rocket. I need explosions in mid-air.
  11. If you do it, you may have my first born. For being the first person to ATTEMPT this challenge, instead of being a *Jeb* about it.
  12. THEN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! Why does everyone say how easy it is, but then wimp out of it?
  13. Hello Kerbonauts! I have the best challenge yet for you Kerbnerds! Your Mission: Reach a stable (I don\'t care how eccentric, as long as it stays there :-X) orbit. The Catch: YOU\'RE BLIND! 8) You must complete your mission with a blindfold of any kind (as long as its effective ) You must prove your point with a video of you, with a Pic in Pic of you blindfolded. You may build your rocket in the land of the seeing, but as soon as you press \'Launch\', it\'s blind time. Good luck, and try not to kill your Kerbs!
  14. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! I salute you! I have thought of an interesting challenge. My challenge to you is to make the biggest explosion you can on the launchpad where a single rocket, pod inclusive, escapes the scene, pointing up. PICS OR DIDN\'T HAPPEN! Good luck! P.S. My first post! Yay! EDIT: 600 posts later, it\'s nice to know that I still used a form of \'salutations\'.
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