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  1. really love this one, you've saved so many kerbal lives :)
  2. the website will be returning with the offer for a limited edition hardcopy version of KSP
  3. can we upgrade the kraken to chathulu once and for all
  4. making coffee so as to synchronize take off with kerbal
  5. https://twitter.com/maxmaps new post!!!!
  6. do we have people stalking the twitter? people outside harvesters house yet?
  7. all missions have been grounded and drones extinguished in preparation.
  8. it will all be timed to update together
  9. https://steamdb.info/app/220200/ they've done some tinkering
  10. if this train is set to go off the tracks the same day GTA V hits pic (i.e. 4/17) I can tell you I'll be playing kerbal all day
  11. Violent Jeb, how convenient because i was just looking around for that very information. Eager for your results
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