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  1. Today I've made another VTOL plane, codename Hedgehog. It flies embarrassingly slow but very stable, perfect for sightseeing. In VTOL mode it's controllable without aids to some degree (until it runs out of very limited fuel supply). TCA helps alot, especially to save fuel.
  2. Hello! I just finished the challenge and added a little quirk to it - the objective to pick up engineer from the helipad on the roof of the VAB building and delivering him to the control tower on the island. I guess he needed to fix that radar thing there. So, he called for KSC Air Taxi services, and here we go: Driver (pilot?) is waiting on the runway for some reason, idling in his air V-plane taxi vehicle: After receiving his order he burns the rocket engines straight up, and he switches on conventional jet engine. Until the plane gains enough speed to fly in conventional way, it's supported by the thrust from the rocket engines: Pilot circles back around the Kerbal Space Center and switches rocket engines back on to lose speed and land vertically on the helipad: Passenger onboard, liftoff! And away from KSC, flying just like any other plane: After a while, destination is in the sight range. Prepare for landing! Landing zone is pretty small: "Thank you! Keep the change." Burning up again. Engineer already repairing the radar-thing. On the jet engine again, flying back to base. Near the Space Center, fuel reserve dangerously low. Running on fumes: It's done, trip completed: ============================ I used few mods to build and fly this little plane: - Procedural Dynamics: Procedural Wings - Throttle Controlled Avionics - RCS Build Aid With procedural wings I built the whole shell of the plane, and obviously wings. To fly it in VTOL mode, I used TCA. RCS Build Aid was used to balance downward thrust perfectly, so it behaves reasonably well even with TCA turned off. Here in spoiler there are some screenshots with UI toggled on. Unfortunately I forgot about the part before I picked up the engineer.
  3. Hello, I have a question about MultiModeEngine module mentioned in the title. The thing is, is it possible to apply it to the wheels? I modified stock torque curve of TR-2L wheel to fit my needs, but instead of having torque increased permanently, I would rather like to have two selectable modes - normal mode, and "low" gear producing more torque to get over some steep hills. Is it possible to use MultiModeEngine for that, like in the Panther jet engine? Or maybe there is other method to get that effect?
  4. Hi there, I\'m Tom! Nice to meet you. I feel already addicted to KSP. This is one of the best games I ever played I think. Even started with small project, because modding this game seems to be pretty easy, even with my limited skills with 3D modeling. Also I\'ve got a lot of info reading through the forum
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