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  1. After ~30 hours of play time - spent mostly exploring Kerbin with airplanes and landing on Mun, Minmus, Eve and Duna.. I can sincerely say: I GET IT. I have seen the beauty of the game and I am in awe. This is more than gameplay, it is an artistic experience without equal. You have to play it with patience and curiosity to get the most of it. You have to enjoy the solitude, the details, the visuals, the sounds, the music.. the rewards of the work you put into building your craft. The developers have captured the essence of discovery through space exploration. In my opinion this is more than a game.. it's the unforgettable experience of facing the cold beauty of the universe and seeing it through human (kerbal) eyes. Anyone who doubts this game ... go land on the celestial bodies for the first time and you will understand. This game should not be played in haste. It has to be felt. Later edit: The experience is beyond just the music and the visual.. but these are a few screenshots that I think show the potential of the game. (55 hours in)
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