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Found 1 result

  1. So I have been wondering, would you guys like to create a Celestia space shuttle mod for KSP? It's based on one scene from "Princess Twilight Sparkle" that I would find intriguing. Here's how on what the Celestia space shuttle mod idea goes: Celestia raises the Elements of Harmony, up from underneath the floor. Celestia levitates the Elements, and they form a ring around her, followed by the ignition of the cryogenic engines on her rear hooves and the SRBs on her forward hooves. With the engines up and running and Celestia flying up, she blasts off into space, hovering across the sky, and leaving a trail of gold, carrying cargo or astronauts/cosmonauts for any Celestia spacehorse mission. Does anyone find this useful? You would need either Blender or 3DS Max to import the Source Filmmaker models of Celestia, then use Unity to make the mod itself. It is also designed to be compatible with the "Bluedog Design Bureau" mod for the engines by @CobaltWolf. Here's my descriptions of each Celestia spacehorse part: Celestia neck piece: Apparently someone left a tube that a someone has been working on in the oven and somebody accidentally pulled it out of the oven and twisted it. And that's how Celestia's neck piece came to be. Celestia cargo bay body: Engineers had put an empty spherical fuel tank with those from a rocket's fuel tank, and welded them together. It provides much more room than a space shuttle. It also has a waving mane included. Celestia Rear and Front Rocket Hoof Mounts: Similar story to the Celestia neck piece, only this time it's thin. They then drilled a hole in each of the hooves and legs to fit a rocket engine or SRB. Celestia Head unit: A so-called head unit, it contains avionics, eye windows, lockers in the nose of the unit, a flight deck and so on. Just like with the body, it also has a waving mane included. Celestia wings: With an impressive wingspan, they are made of both aluminium and a titanium alloy, with the silica-based, reusable thermal insulation invented for use on the spacehorse wrapping around its frame protecting the spacehorse's aluminium and titanium alloy structure from reentry temperatures, and yes, Celestia can in fact, fly in the air. Celestia levitation horn: This levitation horn was made by accident at NASA's Glenn Research Center when a scientist was testing a cone-shaped telekinesis device. NASA translated this into a functional model next, and then installed it on Celestia. Celestia crown: Nobody knows for sure what this crown could be, but it actually contains an AI chip and a radiation-hardened version of the Cell Broadband Engine, RADCell BE. Elements of Harmony: You make think that these diamond shaped crystals are the Element of Generosity, Element of Honesty, Element of Kindness, Element of Laughter, Element of Loyalty, and the Element of Magic, right? You're wrong, although these crystals share the same shapes. These crystals are manufactured by a collaboration between IBM and GlobalFoundries, from their new "EoH Crystal Manufacturing Facility", and is based on IBM's silicon research. These crystals are the important pieces of avionics needed for Celestia's flight. One Elements of harmony crystal also contains 2.5 PB of solid-state crystal memory, enough to store an entire mission video in it from Celestia's head unit for a downlink to Earth. Elements of Harmony mast: This mast is used to store the "Elements of Harmony" crystals underground before Celestia's levitation sequence and launch. The mast was designed by NASA's Ground Ops team for Celestia by using parts from a junkyard and an unused spherical hydrogen tank. This was a major engineering project too, costing at least $7 billion to build.
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