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Found 5 results

  1. Strategia - A Brand New Strategy System! Description Strategia is a revamp to Kerbal Space Program's strategy system. All the stock strategies are removed, and replaced with new and unique strategies. The first set of strategies are special mission strategies. These strategies will give you advance cash and bonuses to certain milestones for completing a high level objective as part of your space program. They are dynamic, so they will work with mods that change the stock solar system by adding or changing celestial bodies. Be warned though - if you cancel one of these strategies without completing the objective, you will face a heavy penalty! Crewed Missions Once we've proven we can get a Kerbal to orbit and back, we need to continue to break new barriers. We have a choice of nearby bodies that we can get to. We choose to go to <insert celestial body here>, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Uncrewed Missions The costs of sending a Kerbal to another planet are astronomical compared to those of sending a probe that we can leave behind. Why don't we send some probes to our neighbouring planets to gather science autonomously for us? The remaining strategies are the standard strategies - these give a bonus while active, and can be active for as long as you like. Astronaut Training Program Our standard training procedure is to treat newly hired astronauts as a disposable commodity to greatly reduce the cost of unscheduled disassemblies. Still, some argue that training our astronauts before putting them on top of a top of a ton of explosives will result in a lower mission failure rate. The cost of setting up the program will be high, nevermind the cost of actually training the astronauts. What do you say, do we want the right stuff, or the almost-good-enough stuff? Massive Scale Launches We've found some investors who are willing to sponsor us if we're able to launch colossal structures into space in a single launch. We'll have to employ some truly Whackjobian construction techniques to get these things into orbit. Contract Slot Machine These agencies seem to think they're doing us a favour offering by us these ridiculous contracts. Why should we be penalized for being choosy? By closing our books to the public, agencies will have no idea what we're willing to accept. There might be a little chaos in the contracts we see under this model, but if we're only choosing the best ones, then who cares?!? To Boldly Go If we want to get the most research possible done out there, we need to explore as many new biomes as we can. Government grants from exploration programs will ultimately help us fund further exploration and research. Probe Frenzy If we want to do some research, then probes are the way to go. What we save on sending Kerbals out there can be spent on a vast fleet of autonomous probes. Local Science There are so many research opportunities right in our back yard. We should focus on local research to bootstrap our space program. That way when we do make it further out there, we'll be sending the best technology we can. Stagnated Research There are several conservative groups on Kerbin that think we've gone too far, too fast. We're not about to shut down the space program, but maybe slowing down our development of new technology to appease these groups will get us some goodwill and ensure that they don't burn down KSC? Free Ice Cream We've come up with a crazy idea - giving out free ice cream at the space center. The public will absolutely love us. If we push the program far enough, we'll get better rewards for rescuing Kerbals (they'll get ice cream when they land!) and maybe even be able to get a discount on hiring new astronauts. FREE. ICE. CREAM. Media Circus To make a reputable space program, we need to ramp up the media involvement. Cameras everywhere, coverage 6 hours a day, 426 days a years. Of course, this could easily backfire if we have any... accidents. Pilot Focus Clearly the most important role among our astronauts is that of the pilot. Without a skilled pilot, nobody is going to space today (or any other day). Shall we build our space program around our brave pilots? Engineer Focus Where would we be without our engineers? They make sure everything is in order to get the other astronauts up and down safely. Shall we build our space program around the skilled engineer? Scientist Focus The scientist is the key role that we need to focus on. A skilled scientist knows exactly which sample to send back to maximize our science gain (we can only fit so many Mun rocks in those capsules). Shall we build our space program around our brilliant scientists? Download CKAN: In CKAN, select and download the mod "Strategia". GitHub: For the direct download option, please ensure you have all the dependencies before raising a support request: Contract Configurator is a required dependency and can be downloaded from its release thread. Custom Barn Kit is a required dependency and can be downloaded from its release thread. ModuleManager is a required dependency and can be downloaded from its release thread. Strategia can be downloaded from GitHub. Source The full source is available on GitHub. Change Log Special Thanks sarbian - For mods like ModuleManager and Custom Barn Kit that make my life a lot easier. smjjames - For the ridiculous amount of bugs he found during the beta phase. License Strategia is licensed under the MIT license. Like what you see? Consider donating to the coffee fund! It will not go directly to supporting this or other mods under my care, but it may keep my motivation up!
  2. (I have Leadership Initiative strategy active at 100% commitment, so that reduces my reputation gained from contracts by 75%) So I completed a contract that were supposed to reward me 3 (-10) reputation. Before contract completion, I have exactly 532.65 reputation. After contract completion, I have exactly 528.43 reputation. Where does my 4.22 reputation go‽ Looking at the output log, it's clear that I was supposed to gain some reputation: [LOG 01:11:40.696] Awarding 63368.5304172696 funds to player for contract completion [LOG 01:11:40.696] Awarding 13.62797 reputation to player for contract completion [LOG 01:11:40.696] Added 8.854749 (13.62797) reputation: 'ContractReward'. [LOG 01:11:40.698] Contract (Recover Module JBJD0 from orbit of Kerbin.): Good job! Module JBJD0 has been recovered in one piece and is being analyzed as we speak. <b><color=#8BED8B>Completion Rewards:</color></b> <color=#B4D455><sprite="CurrencySpriteAsset" name="Funds" tint=1> 15,842 <color=#feb200>(-47,526)</color> </color> <color=#E0D503><sprite="CurrencySpriteAsset" name="Reputation" tint=1> 3 <color=#feb200>(-10)</color> </color> [LOG 01:11:40.700] [VesselRecovery]: Dekesslerizer Mini recovered 1089.2Km from KSC. Recovery Value: 47.1% [LOG 01:11:40.700] [Research & Development]: +1 data on Recovery of a vessel returned from Kerbin orbit.. Subject value is 0.00 It seems that the game doesn't give you the deducted reputation. Rather, it gives you the full reputation, then it deducts your reputation. And since the game also reduces your reputation gain/loss the closer you're to the reputation limit (and vice versa), it decreases my reputation gained, but it also increases my reputation lost! So instead of me gaining 3 reputation, I gained 13 reputation and lost 10 reputation. Which translates to 8.85 reputation gain and some amounts of reputation lost, resulting in a net loss of 4.22 reputation! Yes, this thing still happens in the 1.12 update I just downloaded and played. Squad. Pls fix.
  3. Не нашел в интернете гайдов по данному типу контрактов. Ради интереса взял один. Собрал контейнер из Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-25, поставил внутрь гидроцилиндр, на него поворотный шарнир, к нему маленький модуль захвата. C большим трудом, но все же поймал модуль автостопщиков и втянул его внутрь отсека. (поначалу, на подлете, при торможении сдул модуль реактивной струей двигателя. А ловить вращающуюся цель очень трудно). Но появилась проблема, захваченый модуль сместил центровку и болтается в грузовом отсеке при маневрах сбивая цель. Есть советы, как этот контракт выполнять правильно? Как можно закрепить захваченный груз в отсеке?
  4. С дальнейшим прохождением внутриигровое время ускоряется, миссии и контракты становятся длительнее, все чаще проматывается время, требуется тщательное планирование. Сейчас у меня летят 3 миссии: Облет Мохо-перелет к Еве-возврат, Перехват кометы, облет Дюны-возврат. Все миссии очень длительные и где то через 2/3 года откроется прямое окно к Еве. Если с Муной и Минмусом я особо не заморачивался (всегда можно добросить недостающее оборудование или новый корабль), то с дальними планетами такое не прокатит и нужно иметь готовые корабли к одновременному запуску. Пока в моей голове есть укрупненный план группировки: 1. Орбитальная станция с запасом топлива и 2 лабораториями (в одну все данные не помещаются уже на орбите Минмуса. Предполагаю на Еве будет больше данных.) 2. Рудокоп на Гилли + челнок на орбиту +орбитальное хранилище/переработчик + челнок на п.1, возможно + маленький посадочный модуль для исследований. 3. Рудокоп/заправщик на Еве. В моем представлении обитаемый летательный аппарат, не способный к выходу на орбиту, заодно пристегнуть к нему науку, пусть собирает попути. 3. Посадочный модуль на Еву. - это самое сложное. Мне хотелось бы иметь 3+ мест и полное повторное использование для автономности миссии. В вики написано, что для выхода на орбиту с уровня моря нужен запас Δv 11.300м/с. С учетом моей криворукости нужно на треть больше. Но когда я накидываю баки на KR-2L+ уже на Δv 3000 м/c TWR падает ниже единицы. Попробовал соорудить электролет (скриншот чуть позже подгружу ниже,если будет нужно выложу .craft), он на батарейках забирается на 13км с остаточной скоростью около 120м/с , соответственно запаса топлива не хватает для выведения на орбиту. Поделитесь своими наработками и идеями в этом плане. Буду признателен за дельные советы, подсказки, тыканье мордой в стратегические ошибки.
  5. I cannot decide if the better strategy for a career game is to design missions for single-use, or to build infrastructure & re-use as much as possible? How do you play?
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