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  1. I've been given @N3h3mia's blessings to officially support his excellent collection of Science Mods for KSP 1.x as he is currently unable to find the time to continue these. Please raise bug reports for this build to myself and not to N3h3mia. [ ] Official Thread (out-of-date)- overview and tutorial videos Micha's Development Thread- continued revision history, source code, bug reports, feature requests, help and support, ... NOTICE: This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Download links Updated to 0.9.1 on 2020.06.10 NOTE: If upgrading from earlier than 0.7.1, there is a slightly changed file format. It will update automatically from an earlier version, but you won't be able to revert. Please take a backup of your saves before installing. GitHub SpaceDock CurseForge On CKAN as "Nehemiah Engineering Orbital Science" Changes from 0.9.0 (Full Changelog) Significantly nerfed science payout for all experiments.Fix experiments automatically starting if there are insufficient crew in the Lab. (No longer creates a KAC alarm unless the experiment is actually running). Fix experiments not pausing when crew leaves the Lab. Fix "Finalize" not showing the experiment abbreviation. Kemini: Fix being unable to Move and Finalize an experiment if the Lab does not also have storage as is the case with the HGR SoyJuice pods. Kemini: Fix multiple experiments accruing Lab Time from all Labs. Known Issues Reporting new issues If running with mods, try to reproduce the issue without any mods. Please supply steps on how to reproduce the issue. Attach your log file (KSP.log, found in the KSP game directory) and optionally a save-game which can be used to reproduce the issue. Ideally raise the bug report on the GitHub tracker. Mod Incompatibilitiers Kerbalism: Reports of NEOS (specifically, KEES), contracts unable to be completed when Kerbalism is installed. Fixed by Kerbalism team - use Kerbalism 3.0 or later. General The "interior overlay" is not displayed properly for parts which have an IVA. Overview This set of mods consists of 3 main components: Kemini Research Program (KRP) - early-game orbital science experiments for the Mk1 command pod. requires ModuleManager compatible with a range of third-party command pods. Kerbal Environment Effects Study (KEES) - mid-game orbital science experiments for your first orbital stations. requires KIS recommends K2 / Corvus or similar 2-Kerbal pods Orbital Station Science (OSS) (Was: OMS/KLS) - end-game experiments for large long-duration stations, requiring heavy lifters and significant station infrastructure. The basic premise is that experiments are run in "Labs". Labs, Lab Equipment, and Experiments are launched separately. Equipment must be installed into the correct lab, and Experiments can only be run on certain Equipment. KRP and KEES are simpler variants with some/all of the equipment/labs pre-integrated. Once an Experiment has been installed, it can be "Run", which will take some time. The idea is not to time-warp to completion, but to run the experiments in the background while performing other missions. When done, an Experiment can be "Finalized" and must then be returned to Kerbin. Quick Tutorials NB: From v0.7 onwards, this set of mods also has in-game KSPedia entries showing basic usage. Kemini Research Program Kerbal Environmental Effects Study Orbital Station Science
  2. These are maintanance (AKA bugfix) releases for Environmental Visual Effects, AKA EVE. You can read more about it (assuming you don't know what it is) at the previous maintainers thread here (Thanks @Waz!): Some important FAQ to start us off: 1.) Why "Maintanance Releases?" A.) Because people needed this updated and no one else was available to do so. I really really didn't need another project on my plate with being a full Kopernicus dev, and make no mistake, this is the bottom of my priority totem pole. But if no one else had a working build (and pretty much no one else did), I figured I'd post what I had. This mod is important to KSP, and until someone else picks it up I will keep it running as best as I am able. That said, PLEASE BE PATIENT and please DO NOT request new features, ONLY REPORT BUGS IN EXISTING ONES! I simply haven't the time. 2.) Ok, so you want someone to fork this? A.) Yes, please. But only if you can actually keep it up. Otherwise I just have to come back. @Waz did great for a long time, so use him as a standard example of what I'd expect. 3.) So what did you fix? A.) Clouds were horribly broken in 1.9 and 1.10 as you rose in altitude. Plumes from rockets also blended with them. Both those bugs have been fixed by myself. I also integrated some fixes to the terrain shader from @BIOZ, who deserves a serious gold star for his work. Scenes from orbit/scaledspace look better than ever now with the right terrain pack, IMO. I also made sure both 1.9.x and 1.10.x still run with the 1.10 builds, if you need 1.8.x @Waz's build works fine. 4.) Gimme screenshot! Ok fine. Here is a random picture from "above the clouds" EVE running with Astronomers Visual Pack, which I heartily recommend if you want both beauty and to murder your FPS. Uses EVE! Note I have tweaked the sun in my system to be more orange in line with a class G star, and that said mod also uses Scatterer, another awesome visual tool for your toolbelt. There is probably some parts packs and maybe even a plume mod in there too, but hey, you wanted a picture. 4.) Gimme download! Below, friend: Latest releases: https://github.com/R-T-B/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases Source code (OSS MIT License with minor exceptions as stated in the source at github): https://github.com/R-T-B/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements
  3. First off, lets go over what this plugin is NOT. 1.) It does NOT make your display magically HDR. 2.) It does NOT automagically output HDR (it instead renders it internally in the games pipeline and sends it out to whatever you have). 3.) It does NOT require an HDR display for some of the benfits (though that would be helpful for full effect). 4.) It does NOT play nice with kerbals built in MSAA (antialiasing) modes. It DOES: 1.)Enable better color gradient handling 2.) Enable better highlight handling 3.) Work well with HDR displays and an autoHDR algorithm (such as what is now shipping in the Windows 11 dev builds) to give good quality HDR output. 4.) Eat a bit more vram than standard rendering. 5.) Allows modifying TUFX Paperwhite nits in HDR mode (this is how I use it). If you want this, setup is simple. Unlike prior mods that turned on this mode, this one features no extra baggage. There is just a config file in the zip folder that you edit with two properties. I'll quote the readme for that part: So download, extract to GameData, set settings and go. If you like, keep. If you don't, thow away. Simple. License is GNUv3 GPL. Source is at Github here. Releases here. No screenshots since KSP screenshots do not capture HDR anyways, though I am open to nomininations if you can find better gradient handling before/after instances. This is a very low priority project vs Kopernicus, but it works for me and I actually use it, so it will probably be kept working. Tested on a 55" LG B9 OLED in HDR mode with Windows 11 AutoHDR. Thanks for reading and hope you find this useful.
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