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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings Yesterday, I decided to try to replicate the XFA-33 FENRIR, a fictional multipurpose next-gen combat aircraft from the Ace Combat series. I made multiple versions, but I think this one is the best one. So, the Fenrir. A large multipurpose fighter, originally equipped with functionalities such as S/VTOL capacities, high tech weaponry (a high-power microwave canon that can burn the fuel inside the target's tanks, a super powerful long-rage shockwave missile...), the COFFIN system (COnnection For Flight INterface) allowing a neural interface connexion between the pilot and the plane, and even a ground-powered invisibility system. A cheaty beast. Okay, in KSP, for economic reasons and others, we couldn't put all of this in a plane. No COFFIN, no hi-tech weaponry, a FENRIR without options (if you're not happy, add mods ! ) This full-stock aircraft weights 22 tons and is propulsed by 3 Panther engines equipped with afterburning system, and 2 of them also have thrust-vectoring capabilities (the middle one doesn't move because, normally, it's this one that swings 90° down (like a F-35B) to allow VTOL, while the other 2 provide thrust-vectoring on the yaw). Stable, maneuvrable, and easy to fly, it can even land and take off from the water without any problem. The only bad thing is that its max speed is Mach 1, while the original one tops at Mach 2.3 or something like that. Anyways. I did as I could, but I'm pretty happy with the result. (this pod-thingy under the cockpit was a pain in the poophole to get right) Download The original one: Enjoy !
  2. I've been tackling this plane for sometime, although it has proved itself to be troublesome, and the project took way longer than expected(still haven't really finished by this point). Anyway, presenting the ADF-11F Raven: The ADF-11F Raven is an advanced unmanned air superiority fighter boasting phenomenal maneuverability, laser weaponry, and ridiculous loitering time. Designed with "ultimate survivability" in mind, the Raven is actually an ADF-11 drone nose unit with a RAW-F air supremacy wing unit attached, together forming the ADF-11F. The combined Raven would always attempt to take damage with the RAW-F wing unit, and when being damaged beyond combat capable, the nose unit would detach and retreat, bring back crucial combat data for further tactical advancements. Front and rear: Missile bay and laser weapon: ADF-11 nose unit detaching: Detaching in progress: https://i.imgur.com/2tqDFa9.gifv The Raven is unmistakably MASSIVE, even surpassing the Tupolev Tu-28 in maximum takeoff weight. Detaching the ADF-11 from the Raven is like ejecting a Dassault Rafale on top of an F-22. For a size comparison, we've asked Jeb to roll the Aeris 3A in front of the SPH for a photo shoot: Jeb even agreed to pose for a photo: And don't trust the blue ball, it can and will deceive you... The delta platform is rather stable even without vertical tails. Bit of a surprise for me there.
  3. So basically i would really like to see the Kerbin mapping being changed to the Strangereal map of Ace Combat. I'm a long time Ace combat fan but i cannot figure out myself how to make the map (terrible at coding and modding). I provide the flat map i could recreate using photoshop here. If anyone could make this a real thing i would be really happy (and much Ace Combat fans too). so far my request, hope someone could help me out with this
  4. Gründer Industries ADF-01 FALKEN [Stock] A super-maneuverable, supersonic jet fighter, the ADF-01 (Advanced Dominance Fighter 01) "FALKEN" is a fictional jet from the Ace Combat series of video games- a rare prototype design produced by the fictitious South Belka Munitions Factory Gründer Industries, featuring a distinct forward-swept wing layout and massive twin engine nacelles sunk into the fuselage, as well as an assortment of fins and canards. Additionally, the FALKEN is the first production aircraft in the Ace Combat games to prominently feature the fictional "C.O.F.F.I.N." (Connection For Flight INterface) windowless cockpit technology, and in the games is known for its devastating special munitions it can carry (such as lasers, fuel-air bombs, and multi-target missiles ). For the purposes of KSP, this stock replica of the craft is fairly faithful to the original (fictional) plane- minus a few things impossible to replicate without mods (i.e. lasers or other weapons, and so on). The engines have been setup to have functional 2D thrust vectoring, and just like in the games this FALKEN is super-maneuverable, with a high amount of wing loading allowing you to pull off some impressive post-stall maneuvers, tricks, and sharp turns. The C.O.F.F.I.N. camera/sensor array across the nose of the plane has been replicated as well, and the aircraft is indeed manned. If you choose to do so, mounting mock FAEBs (Fuel-Air Explosive Bombs) to the plane makes for some fun bombing run times attempting to hit space center buildings. Ultimately, this is just meant to be a fun, fast, and agile replica of a video game plane I'm personally a huge fan of. I originally built it for BDArmory combat, but upon seeing how close I was able to get it to the fictional plane and how insanely fun and agile it handled, I had to stockify it so I could share it around. I hope you all enjoy just as much as I have. Download Link [KerbalX] STATS: Parts - 108 Mass - 14.32 tons Crew - 1 Pilot Powerplant - 2x Panther (2D vectored) w/ afterburners
  5. ADF-01 FALKEN is a futuristic fighter jet found in the game Ace Combat series. I love the Ace Combat series because is has the two things that i love the most, futuristic jets and air combat. That's why i think it is a pretty good to bring my favourite jet from my favourite game to another. /don't mind the title The ADF-01 FALKEN represents an improvement in Gründer Industries's advanced fighter program. It acts as the spiritual successor to the ADFX-01 andADFX-02 Morgan;[4] compared to those units, the FALKEN has improved mobility and stability, albeit at a slight cost of defense. It is still a very powerful aircraft, and features high speed and air-to-air output.[5] The aircraft's distinctive angular body provides limited stealth capabilities as well,[4] something the Morgans did not feature. /don't know why there is a street plank in the back i didn't place it there and i cant get it off. Now you might be wondering the nose of the plane is so small, how are you going to fit our v̶i̶c̶t̶e̶m̶ kerbal in there? I DONT KNOW man. First i though it's a drone but na. I'm like what the hell we are in the 6th gen now and it's not a UAV? uhhhhhhhhhhh Anyway its sill a awesome aircraft come on look at that forward swept wing, look at the laser cannon. Oh i forgot to mention that the FALKEN has a freaking laser cannon, how cool is that? the cannon is a plugin that i made from the config file from bad. Basically i took the file and made it super op, melts through anything that the pilot is pointing at. BYE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The aircraft's specifications are as follows:[4] Length: 24.00m (78.74ft) Width: 15.92m (52.23ft) Height: 5.64m (18.50ft) Weight: 23,300kg (23.3 metric tons) Max Speed: Mach 2.2 (2,695 km/h or 1,674 mph) mods: BDA:https://spacedock.info/mod/867/BDArmoryContinued SQUAD(stock parts) game version: 1.1.3 / I change the thrust of the engines because after update 1.0.4 all the jet engines feels too weak for my taste, so i don't think it is fair to compare the performance to other stock crafts.
  6. The X-01 morgan from the ace combat series, more of an inspiration than an exact replica but it works and flies well Download
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