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Found 1 result

  1. [V1.1.5] [1.12.x] Kerbal Galaxy 3 IMPORTANT: Might have some Texture Issues I'm working in, but almost is playable for now. -------------------------------------------------- The Original Mod Made By Artyomka15. Link To Original Mod "KerbalGalaxy2" New Version By: XxLedvin25xX, Olympic1 and Our Benefactors(AR3S) -------------------------------------------------- This mod is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA -------------------------------------------------- Devs are sought, if you know how to use Kopernicus, EVE, Scatterer any mod that should be compatible with KG3, contact me in server Discord by forum message. -------------------------------------------------- Idiomas/Languages/Sprachen/langages Help is sought to translate it into Russian, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese. If you want to help contact me to my Discord or directly by the messages of the forum! -------------------------------------------------- This mod adds a galaxy, with solar systems orbiting a black hole, and wormhole near Jool that leads to the Gargantua system, this mod adds the following stars with their planets: -------------------------------------------------- SUPERMASSIVE AREN BLACK HOLE -------------------------------------------------- WhormHole in Jool to Gargantua -------------------------------------------------- POLARIS - Green ocean planet PANDORA - Brown gas giant RYLA - Moon HOTH - Moon CITE -------------------------------------------------- Brown Dwarf NIM -Planet Groth -Planet Dryking -------------------------------------------------- Red dwarf ERAVATE - Planet Sehera - Planet Eden -------------------------------------------------- Blue supergiant Oblok - Gas giant AELION - Dwarf planet PHOENIX - Dwarf planet SUNFLOWER -------------------------------------------------- Neutron star Osiris - Planet Ida - Gas planet Isus - Moon Rocko - Moon Volco -------------------------------------------------- Yellow-White star Abbadon - Planet Violetta - Planet Nix - Moon Icy - Planet Aphrodite -------------------------------------------------- BLACK HOLE GARGANTUA - Miller's planet - Mann's planet -------------------------------------------------- Screenshots -------------------------------------------------- At the moment it is not compatible with any visual mod and neither any other planets package since the references and orbits of the Stock planets have been moved. -------------------------------------------------- Installation: (If you have an earlier version, delete it and cache it, and install it from scratch.) 1- Download and install Kopernicus, KopernicusExpansion (Plugins), ModuleManager and Singularity for your game version. 2- Download the "(1.7.x) V1.1 KerbalGalaxy3" and drop "GameData" in your folder "KerbalSpaceProgram. 3- Download the "KG3Textures" and drop "GameData" in your folder "KerbalSpaceProgram 4-Enjoy -------------------------------------------------- DEPENDENCE! You Need Kopernicus, KopernicusExpasion, Module Manager, TextureReplacer and Singularity Without these mods it might NOT WORK! -------------------------------------------------- Download the KerbalGalaxy 3 here from CurseForge, Spacedock or here from GitHub Download the Textures From HERE SOURCE -------------------------------------------------- Credits: - Artyomka15 by the creation of the original mod. - Olympic1 by the update of the mod plugin. - Our Benefactors(AR3S) by the help with Kopernicus. - Gameslinx by help with scatterer. - Thomas P. for Kopernicus and KopernicusExpasion (Incluided with KG3). - blackrack for Singularity. -Some textures are thanks to: http://www.textures4photoshop.com and https://www.textures.com -------------------------------------------------- MODS RECOMMENDED! KerbalGalaxyVisualEnhancement(Coming Soon) Endurance (from Interstellar) Continued Scatterer(Almost fully compatible) PlanetShine(Almost fully compatible) Distant Object Enhancement (Fully Compatible) OuterPlanets (Fully Compatible) Tarsier Space Technology (Fully Compatible) -------------------------------------------------- Bugs and Reports FOR REPORTS OF PROBLEMS AND ERRORS READ THIS FIRST AND ACT AGREEMENT. THIS ACCELERATES THE SUPPORT PROCESS! -------------------------------------------------- Changelog If you want to help me voluntarily to continue with the mod, you can do it in the button below, thanks! DONATE
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