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Found 4 results

  1. 1. commit kessler syndrome 2. build space station with ring 3. blow up the station 4. land the ring on jool 5. put kerbals on eva on jool around a blunderbirds logo 6. land a ssto on the ring vtol style 7. post the chaos!
  2. The other day when I was browsing the the ksp sub-reddt, I couldn’t help but notice the large amount of people with stranded kerbals. I thought to myself, what if there was a team to save all those kerbals? And thus, the Kerbal Rescue force was born! Anywho, if you have a stranded kerbal just post it here with how they became stranded. Someone will volunteer to rescue them. Sounds fun, right? Also.....we will make a Youtube series out of this!! And anybody that helps to rescue a kerbal will receive a special badge for their signature. If you wish to send me the save file, you can email me at [email protected] Current KRF staff- Senior Kerbal rescuer- @Lewie Second in command- @The Doodling Astronaut The new guy-@Dat Kerbal Dude
  3. well matt i was watching the mun colony video and my tourist ship was off course of its landing site the mun machine and about to crash at 100ms and i tried to fix it when i noticed my mechjeb landing wasn't on so pointed retrograde and fired my engine then crashed killing my 4 tourist i ran for the mu machine as the pilot and died frome my rcs pack running out of fule about 50 meters above the mun so i have 2 engines trapped on the mun and no escape so i need a rescue and how do i attach a save file to this
  4. sos i have a pod stuck in sun orbit with no fuil ile:///C:/Users/chris/Desktop/ksp%20beginings/
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