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Found 2 results

  1. Something different from Matsuma, presumably a heavy orbital launch company.. Craft Files: ORCA , Lift Truck I've added new rules to my Mission Mode, having to build payloads at a specialized facility and transporting them to KSC. Inspired by the Beluga XL, the ORCA XL fulfills this rather niche need in the Kerbal world. Nonetheless, a massive reusable cargo plane is a handy addition to any space program. Vessel Aircraft Lift Truck Mass 163.06t 38.24t Parts 496 parts 329 Cost $209,849 $72,226 Full Album of images Missing a few details on the blueprints, updates pending.
  2. Hello again You might remember my last plane called Raven, This is an updated version of it made completely out of stock parts So, What comes with the Raven mk2? 1 container inside the cargo hold, All the benefits of having 6 engines and plenty of fuel capacity inside the wings and the fuselage. No action groups have been set, So you can set them up how you like them. Can be converted into a longer version very easily. Download:: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/raven-mk2 Video:: Thanks for reading. Have a nice flight Fifteenth
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