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Found 2 results

  1. Turn your Kerbal society into a Type 1 Civilization by adding civilian exploration! Your agency, as research goes on, gains the ability to have civilians take part on your exploration. Once build, your ships, orbital or ground station will welcome civilian that will pay a rent to your agency, breed, grow their kids, get aged and die. You will also be able to train and recruit civilian to become regular kerbonauts. As this mod is still under development, all the functionnalities are not available yet. CKAN : install CivilianPopulation (Civilian Population 2.1.2) Download : ksp-civilian-population-mod-2.1.2.zip Github : https://github.com/rleroy/CivilianPopulation Credits This mod is a fork from "Newbier Newb's Revamp of Civilian Population" mod. It exists thanks to the collective work of : @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. Licenced under CC BY-NC 4.0. This mod requires Community Resource Pack. Any kind of help is more than welcome, pick a `TODO` above, do it, and I will be glad to accept your pull request. If you need help to understand how to build the mod, just ask ! Pictures Electrical parts - Netherdyne Reactor Unit DX-110 - Netherdyne Reactor Unit MX-99 Convert Enriched Uranium into Depleted Uranium, Xenon Gas and Electricity ! TODO : - Rebalance cost. - Rebalance conversion speed. - Big reactor animation won't stop. - Turn the lights off when the reactors are off. [WRN 00:08:25.564] [ShipConstruct for CivPopReactor]: part cost (15000.0) is less than the cost of its resources (432500.0) [WRN 00:08:25.598] [ShipConstruct for SmallCivPopReactor]: part cost (8000.0) is less than the cost of its resources (173000.0) Science parts - Netherdyne University. A command and research module. TODO : - Fix EVA problems when there is not ladder. - Implements training module that will allow to turn civilian into regular kerbonauts. Utility parts : Apartments - Civilian Large House mk2 - Civilian Small Apartment Complex - Civilian Large Apartment Complex - Civilian Contractor Dock Mk1 - Civilian Small House Living quarters for civilians. TODO : - Cannot go back in Small House. - Add ladder to Small House. [LOG 08:21:59.524] Load(Model): CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/surfaceAttachHouseSmall [ERR 08:21:59.599] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported [ERR 08:21:59.600] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported Utility parts : Farms - Hydroponic Garden Biosphere - Small Hydroponic Garden Biosphere - Netherdyne Farm Biodome Mk2 - Small Hydroponic Garden Module Use plants to grow food, purify water and air. TODO : - Remove biodome top attach point. - Animation on "Small Hydroponic Garden Module" does not work. Utility parts : Tanks - Small Fertilizer Tank - Small Waste Water Tank - Small Sustenance Tank TODO : - Calibrate those to a capacity of 1 day / kerbal. Utility parts : Drill - Netherdyne XL-9000 Mega Laser Drill - Netherdyne Laser Drill Laser drilling for surface exploitation. Ground parts - Cruiser Landing Gear - Cruiser Landing Gear Mk2 TODO ; - Fix legs deployments @see http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135250-landing-legs-in-11/&page=1 @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/BaseSystem/Parts/Wheels/LandingLeg.cfg Structural Parts - truss18x18NoCore - truss6x18 - truss6x6Core - truss6x6CoreL - truss6x6CoreT - truss6x6CoreX - truss6x6NoCore - bioSphereBaseNoWalls All seems ok. - bioSphereWindows - bioSphereWindowsLarge - bioSphereWindowsWide TODO : Cannot go inside, should improve attach points. - bioDomeBase - bioDomeBaseLarge - bioSphereBase - bioSphereBaseWallRing - parkbioDomeBase - parkbioDomeBaseRock - parkbioDomeBaseMetal TODO : Attachment point in the air, cannot go "into" the structure. Agency TODO : Add Netherdyne as an agency. @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/BaseSystem/Agencies @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - Sources/PlanetarySurfaceStructures/SurfaceStructuresCategoryFilter.cs Configuration for third party addons ------------------------------------ TODO : Kerbalism - Configure farms. Civilian behaviour DONE : Rent of civilian : 200 funds per civilian per day (6 hours). Civilian contractor growth : Every 85 days on Kerbin orbit, 170 around Mun or Minmus, never elsewhere, a civilian will be created on an activated Civilian Dock. Civilian recruitment process : The button recruit of the university will turn civilian living in this university into regular kerbals with a random choosen profession. Civilian breeding growth : If allowed (From a Habitat part or the contractors dock), Kerbals will breed. Females give birth after 320 (3/4 of a Kerbin Year) days of pregnancy. Males can breed from 15yo females from 15yo to 45yo. Civilian aging and death : Once a Kerbal reach 75yo, there (age-75)% chance per year that he dies from his old age any day during this year.
  2. I've been working on/continuing Civilian Population Revamp, based on @michaelhester07, @rabidninjawombat, and @GGumby's collective work (found here, here, and here, respectively). I'm excited that it's gotten to a state where I think it can be shared (but still not released officially). Key Differences between mine and the above: Civilians are now full-fledged Kerbals, instead of being abstracted as resources There are now two methods of growth Linear growth by Civilians being ferried to your base -> A new arrival will arrive roughly every 85 days within Kerbin/Mun/Minmus SoI (contractor docks) Logistic growth by Civilians spawning within the craft -> Based on the number of Civilians present; first positive then negative exponential growth (apartment complexes) Civilian Growth is tracked by a new resource called "Civilian Growth Rate". It can be found on the upper-right hand corner of the screen with the other resources. It can be taken as a percent complete (0-1.00) until another Civilian arrives. Most of the time, it should read 0.00 because Kerbals take a long time to arrive. The mod is now life-support agnostic (due to Civilians now being Kerbals). Tac and USI Life Support are both supported in Module Manager config files Planned Future Work: Parts: Finish implementing the old Civilian Population parts that are missing Sort the assets into the appropriate folders for ease of use Plugin: Implement a method to transfer Kerbals using the GUI (without having to search the whole craft for them) Implement @jamespicone's Background Processing because it can take a while to grow a Civilian Note: Right now, this is still WIP and I am sure bugs will have to be squashed. Also, for simplicity, you can recruit Kerbals from the docking port. I will remove that before release. Known Issues/Workarounds: All modules with crew do not have internal spaces for the crews (and thus no portraits). If you need to EVA, use the GUI or right-click menu. For transfers, it's only the right-click menu at the moment. But for all parts, the first couple of seats should have an IVA. I highly suggest using Ship Manifest which has the above functionality. When a Civilian is added to the crew, the portrait does not automatically appear, even with a part with an internal space. Still trying to find the root-cause of that. Restart the vessel (go to another one and come back) and this should be resolved. Working on this after I get unfocused vessels working Civilians only spawn/come to your bases when they are the active vessel. Currently working on it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it, feedback is more than welcome! This mod redistributes Community Resource Pack and Module Manager. Download (Version 0.0.5): SpaceDock: [ http://spacedock.info/mod/844/Civilian Population Revamp ] GitHub: [ https://github.com/maanderson22/CivilianPopulationRevamp ] License: [ CC-BY-SA 4.0 ]
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