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  1. Have an awesome, amazing and cool new ship you want to show off or impress your friends with? Want to increase the number of downloads it has? Can't find a good solid person to review and publicize it? Look no further! CMAU Incorporated is very proud to present our newly sponsored streamer, Kryrano! For the months of December 2016 through February 2017, we are live streaming reviews and cool crafts every Tuesday and Thursday from your very own family friendly site, KerbalX.com! Visit https://www.twitch.tv/kryrano to catch YOUR craft being reviewed! People of all ages are encouraged to submit their craft before time runs out! Submissions abound, so you are wise to get your craft submitted as soon as possible! How to submit a craft: 1. Post it on www.kerbalx.com 2. Provide a link to download any unrecognized mods in your craft. 3. Post the link to the craft on this thread, and 4. Wait for it to be reviewed! Note: once it has been reviewed, it's KerbalX link will be added to this post here: The craft must be in KSP versions 1.1.3 or later to qualify for review. Want to increase the chances that your craft will be reviewed? Here's a couple tips for the low price of only ten thousand funds: Try including a description of your craft's functions and features! Try including cool screenshots of it in action! Tell us why it is a great craft for its purpose! Submit your craft as soon as possible to give it the best possible chance of being reviewed! And the final, most important tip for an extra two thousand funds: Include a guide, where necessary, of how it works! None of these tips are required, but they will greatly improve your craft's chances of review! IMPORTANT NOTE: Also please attempt to be present for your craft review on the days it is showing. If you do not intend to be there, but still want your craft looked at, then please let a CMAU representative know beforehand. Here is the current schedule of the stream for December: Be the envy of your family and friends! Get a 30% discount on any single CMAU Incorporated vessel for each craft submitted! Supplies limited! Get your craft publicized and included in our special VIP KerbalX hangar! Be sure to check out our official sales page at https://kerbalx.com/Mycroft_33, and don't forget to check out Kryrano's channel TODAY!
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