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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I've been playing quite some KSP 2 lately. Very improved after the For Science! update, but one HUGE problem I have is the work on the saving and loading system. These are the absolute biggest issues I have with the game, because I care a lot about how my crafts are organised and saved, and I know I'm not alone. I think some of you readers also have some pet-peeves with the system. If a member of the dev team sees this, please consider some of these features! They would drastically improve my (and others') experience. Everyone has a say in this board! This post is intended to be a sort of community bulletin board, or living article, where anyone can come in and put forth their ideas or issues. This is because the saving and loading system is a little flawed, so we need the devs to catch this post, so we all need to let them know what we want changed. The way this works is that the community will speak their ideas or problems in the comments, and I will edit them into the post, referencing the people who wrote it. I will put every text inside every section in a spoiler to save space and time reading them. So here we go: my 2 main problems with the saving and loading system! 1. Autosaves 2. Tutorials and Onboarding on Using Workspaces Community Member: @Presto200 1. An Idea for a Better Saving System: Community Member: @Spicat 1. Filters in the Saves Menu: Sincerely, TechieV and the KSP Community
  2. Its hard to believe no one has a made a thread for this, but I guess I start one. Post pictures of your rovers, mobile bases, and inventive designs! I love building rovers, as with rovers you really get to see the planet and explore. They also present a unique challenge as it is difficult to get them to where they need to be. New ways to land rovers are also welcome to be shown. If you have any tips for how to build rovers just share them below to. Helpful links I'll start this thread with a new design of my own. Presenting: The Tiny rover! Its a small 20 part rover that I invented while designing stowable rovers for my career game. It uses a cubic strut as the chassis and is built up of batteries. In the pictures you may notice some small batteries but there are removed in the final version as they are not stock and I wanted to make this accessible to everyone. Because of its low mass and small part count, it can be taken apart and placed in a Seq-24 storage container, then rebuilt on the surface of the planet or moon you are visiting. In terms of performance, it can travel at a comfortable speed of 9.4 m/s but a bit of pushing will put it at 10.6 m/s. It has poor handling and either doesn't turn quickly enough or turns too far, but its great stability makes up for its poor turning. As I said before, it does have very good stability. On very sharp turns it will hold itself up, and is very hard to flip. It also can stop very quickly. I tested by having it go at 10 m/s then activated the brakes. It did flip slightly but I was able to push it upright. One warning, if you push it upright it likes to try to run so I would be careful doing that. (it didn't flip after this, just stayed like this until I pushed it upright) In terms of batteries, it has about 700 units of EC and its small solar panel is capable of slowing the EC loss to a trickle. Very few rechargings will be needed. It also has 2 thermometers and a barometer but you can switch those out. Later versions now have an antenna. If you want more science or are traveling to Jool or beyond, you may want to replace the solar panel with an RTG. Craft specs: Top speed: 10.6 m/s Mass: (not sure yet, I'll look it up in a bit) Parts: 20 Class: Rover Handling: Poor - Medium Stability: Great Download here: https://kerbalx.com/Kerminator/Tiny-Rover
  3. Hey everyone, a few months ago we showed off an alpha version of our mod manager for KSP2 (previously known as 2KAN). We have returned with our newest version, which is a complete rework from the ground up using C#. This new version brings some much needed uplift in both performance and looks, we've also added a few QoL changes, as well as themes support. We are also actively working on integrating KSP 1 support which we will release as an update at a later date. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it on our GitHub page. We are also looking for some people to test our MacOS and Linux versions as we have only done limited testing on these platforms, if you're interested, drop by our community discord channel. The project is fully open-sourced, so if you run into to any bugs or have anything you'd like to add, feel free to create an issue or open a pull request on the GitHub!
  4. Test Pilot is a new series of videos I'm making looking at Kerbalised Real life planes, seeing what the community has put together, how they fly and talking a bit about the history of the real life muse. I will be adding videos on a weekly basis so please check back....
  5. Welcome to Blender Planet Pack (BPP) or community planet pack (CPP) development thread. This mod will be a collection of different user submited planets. You can submit a Planet, but I can't guarantee it will get through. Anyone of any skill is allowed to submit a planet. Please keep all planets in english. Credits: @TheWanderer05: Ira, Eeloo's new moon. @Mrcarrot: Thurisaz, a truly terrifying gas planet. @SamBelanger: The Sambelanger Planet! It Hurts Your Eyes with it's colors.
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