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Found 3 results

  1. This is a very simple mod that allows for ISRUs to convert fuel without the need for external fuel tanks. I understand that there are snippets of MM code floating around out there that performs this very task, and I'm sure some of those are much more streamlined than mine, but I am releasing this mod anyway, since there are players out there with little to no experience using Module Manager. Downloading and installing a mod can be trying enough for some users, but it's still easier than writing a patch. What does it do? As stated above, it makes it so that the Resource Converters are able to convert fuel from ore being mined even if there are no ore tanks present on the craft. It does this by adding a very small storage capacity to all parts with a resource converter module using ore as an input. Converters will only be able to store a maximum of one unit of ore, so once you leave the surface you'll no longer be able to keep converting fuel. This is to avoid exploits. Why would I need that? It's perfect for science hoppers for example. Those types of crafts are not buildt to provide a stockpile, and the mining is not the main focus of them. They only have converters and harvesters to be able to refuel, and as such the demand to include external ore tanks becomes a pain in the behind. Does it work with 1.3.1? Yup. Did you make this all on your own? Are you a master coder? Not really and not at all. I know some basic python and that is about it. This is a very simple mod, and I still had to recieve some help to make the code more stable. This was provided by Snark, helpful as always. License This work is licensed under the WTFPL license, which can be found here: WTFPL What this means is that you can do whatever you'd like with it. Change it. Sell it. Eat it. Distribute it. Yell at it. Knock yourself out, but do note that: This work is also distributed along with Module Manager, as permitted by the license of that particular work. This is a separate piece of work with it's own license. Credit (and a deep gratitude) for Module Manager goes to it's original creator ialdabaoth as well as to the current caretaker of the project, sarbian. The forum thread for the original release can be found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/28844-020-modulemanager-13-for-all-your-stock-modding-needs/#post528607 Download Links: SpaceDock Source Code Uhm, I'm not sure, but the fact that the only code written is available through the .cfg should suffice, right? Change Log 1.2 -Included MiniAVC support -Included support for Decal Stickers -Changed folder structure -Updated version number for KSP 1.3.1 1.1 -Added Module Manager to the zip archive, because like a bafoon I forgot it during the original upload. Doh! 1.0 -Initial Release
  2. >>>Algae Fuel Synth Pack<<< Thought I'd make an official page for this Pack. Download: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/algae-synth-pack You will need Mulch and Sunlight to produce Algae, Algae to make Sugar then Sugar to Fuels. You then need to restock Mulch now and then, so do you fly more up from Kerbin or mine metalOre to produce more? You will also get Metal from the ore so you'll have to deal with that, do you refine it on the planet? Do you space it? Or maybe you plan to build ships there as well! We'll let you work that out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dependencies: Only if you choose to restock Mulch from other planets. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/54284-122-extraplanetary-launchpads-v560/ Compatibility: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/72554-090-tweakscale-rescale-everything-v150-2014-12-24-1040-utc/ http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/58236-12-real-fuels-v1200-december-21/ Easily to modify for Life Support mods, tho they weren't the goal of this mod, so I left the water out. Picture Description Known Bugs Extendable Algae Tank: Produces Algae, needs Mulch and sunlight to grow. Mulch will continue to be consumed in the dark unless put on cryogenic stasis. Unknown Algae Tank: Produces Algae and has a built in Food processor, needs Mulch and sunlight to grow. Mulch will continue to be consumed in the dark unless put on cryogenic stasis. Unknown Sugar Converter Mini: Converts Sugar into Fuels. Unknown Sugar Converter: Converts Sugar into Fuels. Unknown Algae Converter Mini: Converts Algae into Sugar. Unknown Sugar Converter: Converts Algae into Sugar. Old FSC texture instead of ASC Mono Propellant Converter: Converts Sugar and Mulch into Propellant. Unknown Food Processor: Processes Algae into Food. Unknown Metal Ore Refinery Radial: Extracts Metal and Mulch from Metal Ore. (Connections on back) Unknown Mulch Storage Container: Stores Mulch. Unknown Sugar Storage Container: Stores Sugar. Unknown Food Storage Container: Stores Food. Unknown Radial mulch Container: Stores Mulch. Unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also have a 'Structure Parts Pack' out so go to my projects page for the link and to see what else I have been tinkering on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/
  3. Hi, sorry to ask even more awkward questions again, but I've not been able to search up any definitive answers, or yet figure out for myself (even from the copious thermal debug info) what exactly is happening under all circumstances, here. This Reddit thread did a great job of fathoming the equations and figures for drill's surface harvesting mode (with different level engineers on board). I've confirmed them myself, experimentally, and re-arranged the relevant wiki page a little. I've also expanded the information on the wiki about radiators, regarding their core cooling stats, adding a table of the core cooling requirements of the 4 ore processing parts. I've observed (experimentally, in game) the differences in the time it takes to warm up a drill core, quicker with higher level engineer, when surface harvesting. E.g., using the setup shown below, for a good little demo, with table showing results: Engineer Level Drill Junior Warm up time (s) None 156 0 70 1 41 2 30 3 24 4 20 5 17 I was originally thinking that the drill cores produce additional heating, in line with their additional charge usage, and so there must be additional cooling bonus provided too, since the number of radiators required stays the same, but I couldn't make anything out in the debug stats to support this. (1) Does heat produced by drills in surface harvest mode vary by engineer level? (Or is there only some kind of warm up bonus added...?) Further, with the asteroid harvesting mode: I found that the ore production rate scales up with the engineer level, as expected, but the electric charge used remains a flat rate (0.3EC/s for Drill Junior). (2) This flat EC useage is a deliberate decision on mechanics, yes? Further, with engineers of level 3 or below, it wasn't possible to cool the drills to optimal level with any amount of radiators. So I'm thinking that the drill's "max cooling" stat is being modified by engineer level (although, again, I can't see any read-out that confirms this directly). Or, the drill's heat produced is being scaled *up* for lower level engineers (I think I observed the drills warming up quicker for lower level engineers, which would support this)... (3) What's happening with drill's thermal stats during asteroid harvesting (by engineer level)? (4) Some other nuances I've observed that it would be nice to clarify (if all desired behaviour): Drills will not detect insertion into asteroids, if already extended, when moving the whole craft into position and grabbing asteroid. (And can not drill asteroids not part of the same craft?) Drills report "100% load", only with level 5 engineer (otherwise "operational"). Does this indicate load scaling from engineer bonus? Minor bug: drill status continues to show "no storage space" after the ore tank(s) have been re-enabled for fuel transfer (and ore is in fact flowing in). And continues showing "100% load" after EVA-ing level 5 engineer. Until stopped and started again. My expectation, from last time, is that @RoverDude would be the best member/dev to talk to here, given these mechanics stem from his work. So I'd be much gratified of any input again (thanks). P.S. I also plotted a graph of drill's thermal efficiency verses core temperature... ... But there's no way to embed this in the wiki (with "migration issues", still). (5) Any chance this wiki situation will change, or any way around embedding images (editing templates, etc)?
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