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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! Following my work and a lot of studying on CubeSats recently, I figured I would go ahead and make a small mod to include the little buggers in KSP. This mod is based on the real-life CubeSat standard. It utilizes MechJeb, but can be enjoyed without it installed. There are two sizes - tiny and small. Each size contains its own battery supply, SAS level, and antenna. However, neither sizes include reaction-wheels or any form of attitude control. The inside of the chassis for each ³Sat can be stacked (like stacking reaction wheels and fuel) or surface-attached (like attaching batteries or instruments inside.) Those that have tried my "PEST" mod and used the Dawn-style probe body will be familiar with the idea. Oh, and the name is pronounced "CubeSat" because... the "³" is the symbol for "cubed" and I'm not that clever. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Recommended mods: MechJeb TweakScale Download: SpaceDock
  2. Hello everyone! I read in the news about the MARSCO cubesats that will be on a flyby mission to Mars. This encouraged me to make a CubeSat mod.. Now, a Cubesat mod has already been developed, although a little outdated.. This mod will provide me with a yardstick to measure my mod's growth. I am yet to come up with a complete list of all the parts that I will be making and including in the mod, but some parts like probe cores and LFO engines are a must..I plan to add more parts in the future as the mod progresses. (I don't know Blender and Unity, but I am going to nosedive into the world of modding anyways~) First of all, here's a LFOtank + Engine that I made~ (Its only a rough model in solidworks right now) The enclosure in which the tank is stored is 20x20x20 cm in dimensions, although if it seems impractical, I will increase the size. I am yet to understand how practical this setup will be, but hey! Atleast I am doing something! Right? Umm..Right? EDIT: I have decided the preliminary part list for the mod. This is not exhaustive, and I will add more parts according to your suggestions! Probe core: (20cmX20cmX5cm) Fuel tanks: Monoprop, solid fuel, xenon, LFO (One tank, with configurable resources)(20cmx20cmx10cm) Control: Flywheel box. Payload: 1U dispensor, 2U dispensor, 3U dispensor Structural: 1U (20x20x20cm) chassis, 2U(20x20x40cm) and 3U(20x20x60cm) chassis, Circular plate to hold cubesat dispensor. Engines: Hall effect Thruster, monoprop engines, LFO thruster, Plasma thruster Electricity: 1U,2U,3U static solar panel, 2U/3U deployable solar panels, RTG, Battery(20x20x7.5cm) Comms: Needle Antenna, Umbrella antenna Science: Camera, resource scanner(?) If you have suggestion regarding parts, then free feel to tell me!
  3. https://geektimes.ru/post/295911/ As we know, Mayak wasn’t the only craft to siffer a goof-up. During the cubesat drop in 600 km orbit, a total of 10 payloads ended up suffering complete or gradual loss of power. None of the other oaylods were affected. The Mayak team has upgraded its official mock-up with flight-grade electronics and ran it through a full set of vibration tests with no issues. They’ve slowly excluded all other internal issues - although they’re desperately trying to not claim that, since it implicates Roscosmos. The observed electrical faults match the description of damage by a cloud of photodissociating hydrazine, which could be produced if there was a valve or catalyst bed problem - which would not have crippled the Fregat tug, since it performed several burns afterwards. ...which prompted Lenta.ru to accuse Roscosmos of launching Cubesats on an inherently unfit platform.
  4. hey guys ! i don't if i am posting this thread in the right place The thing for sure is that reaction wheel can cause errors on gyro specially when using on a cube sat my question was first ; How ? then : What to do ? any paper or journal that have covered this issue is appreciated . thanks
  5. I'm working on a cubesat project which will be powered by a RPi Zero. If anyone could guide me as to how I would go about this I would greatly appreciate it. I'm currently working on initial research and how the cubesat itself would be constructed, electronically powered and how it would be programmed. Finding this much harder than I anticipated. This project was partly inspired by KSP so I thought I would post here. I thought this is not an easy task but it could prove to be a fantastic learning tool.
  6. Hi so im working on my first mod and i have just gotten into 3d modelling with blender now i was thinking that i would make a normal cube sat with working solar panels already built in with an antenna,etc however while i have made the textures and successfully got the cube into the game by copying a CFG file from a command pod i dont really know how i would make the solar panels work since have to be an object. normaly i guess it has to have a uniqe collision mesh so the game can figure out things like how it is oriented to the sun. so the things i would like to get help with is how do i make the solar panels on a command module work without having it as a separate part and how to i write the CFG file for it. thanks for all help sincerely a swedish noob
  7. http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2015/11/free-cubesat-rideshares-offered-ula-atlas-v-launches/ ULA is making cubesat dispensers standard on Atlas V (and eventually Vulcan) missions by 2017 (Delta is not doing this, as it is slated for retirement) launching up to 24 1U Cubesats, or 4 6U Cubesats per Atlas V launch as secondary payloads. This system adds a mass of 100 lbs (excluding the sats), and deploys the Cubesats next to the RL-10 Centaur engine. ULA will sell 24 of these slots to Cubesat slots to companies to use, while 6 of these is reserved for universities to use-for free. These 6 slots are awarded competitively.
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