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  1. It's deep in the middle of the Cold War, The Republic of Kolonia and the Katax Union are in a nuclear faceoff. Weapons of mass destruction stand at a minute's notice. But one Kerbal had a few to many shots, and decided: "-burp- I'l-I'll make a -hiccup- cuuute-r-r one" Thus, the Radioisotope Thermal Grenade Launcher was born, code-named the Gravy Sockett. https://i.imgur.com/9woVYaN.mp4 My challenge for you guys! Recreate the Davy Crockett in Kerbal Space Program! The Davy Crockett was a nuclear "grenade launcher" that shot M-388 tactical nuclear warheads. In this challenge, your M-388s will be stock RTGs. The RTG can be the ONLY thing that is launched, via the exhaust of the ground based launcher. No Engine or Fuel Tank mods are allowed. Structural ones, yes, and No BD Armory or Weapons ones. Feel free to use KIS/KAS fro reloading. The engines to launch it have to only be 0.625! Try to use 0.625 or structural parts! The point grading system is as such: Distance in meters+[Likeness to the Davy Crockett (my call) x10]+[Gravity of planet (in Gs) x100]+[Altitude of planet's atmosphere/100]=Points The likeness to the Davy Crockett will be out of 10, and this will be my call. The reason for the atmosphere thing is well, you know, Drag. So, my example would be: (Roughly) 100+05+100+70=275 Leaderboard: Here are some examples of the Davy Crockett below! I'd love to see some Jeep based designs, or ACPs or such! An informative video if you want to learn the history: Enjoy guys!
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