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Found 2 results

  1. I know the "story" aspect of the game is in its utmost infancy, and I'm sure what's in the game now is a barebones version of what we might have in, say, ten years. That said, I think the whole aspect of finding these giant monoliths moves a bit too quickly as it is right now. Once you've made your first timid steps toward the Mun, you're basically immediately presented with the reveal of the giant exposed arch. And once you're there, the game leads you right to the monument on Minmus, then to Duna without delay. I hope that in the future these signals require more effort to locate, uncover, and decipher. For instance, the site on Minmus looks ripe to actually require excavation. Imagine if that crater was filled in with dirt and the signal was detectable just below by rovers. The Mun arch could be something that requires uncovering at first too. And I hope that the deciphering of the "Welcome, younger sibling" message can require some actual effort by the player someday as well. In short, I hope that it's possible to play the game for a longer time without knowing if there are other advanced civilizations in space, then without knowing for sure the source of the mystery signals. In real life, we've spent a long time exploring space without knowing whether we'll find life there. We go out of hope, and wonder of what we DO find. Pushing the reveal too early like this might take away from players discovering those reasons to travel to space.
  2. Item #: SCM-1208 Object class: Euclid Specialized Containment Measures: SCM-1208 is to be contained in Warehouse 14 of Site-12 under guard supervision, in the guise of a corporate storage facility. Guards are to be armed with rubber bullets and pepperspray. Object's warehouse must be air-conditioned to no more than 30 degrees fahrenheit at all times. If air conditioning fails or warehouse otherwise falls below minimum temperature, a CCMK42 liquid nitrogen air vehicle is to be deployed to Site-12 immediately and Class-C amnestics administered via water supply and hidden air filtrators to nearby population. If these measures fail, protocol UVC-12 are to be enacted immediately and Class-A amnestics admitted to the city of Los Kerbos. Description: SCM-1208 is a disk-shaped craft found presumably crashed near the ███████-██████ region near Kerbin's ████████ pole. It has no features and no opening, but at temperatures higher than 36.4 degrees fahrenheit, it has been shown to levitate approximately 5-7 meters above the ground. If temperatures exceed 60 degrees fahrenheit, the object will begin moving towards object SCM-1208-1. SCM-1208-1 is a dead 2 meter tall humanoid entity in advanced stages of crystallization consistent with 8-12 years of exposure to the ███████-██████ region's particularly inhosbitable environment. It is stored in Site-12's cryonics laboratories, Experimentation Wing. When SCM-1208 is hovering directly overhead SCM-1208-1, it will rapidly defrost and repair SCM-1208-1's organic matter at a rate of 1kg of restored flesh per 1 minute. If SCM-1208 is restored to a temperature below 36.4 degrees fahrenheit, the object will cease repair of SCM-1208-1's organic matter. It will then move to the warmest location within a 400-600 meter radius before rapidly cooling. Object can safely be recontained at this point. Open file: SCM-1208-1.jpg
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