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Found 2 results

  1. Today's Squadcast with @NathanKell, @Arsonide and @KasperVld at last had an Experimentals build of 1.2 ( to be exact ). I won't describe the whole thing here, just a few comments and screenshots; resolution is mine, not KSP's. New loading screen: New option in the general settings: Ease In Gravity, which from what NathanKell briefly said, sounds like the physics-loading easing that KJR does. CommNet settings, if it is enabled from the Difficulty Options screen: Some of the new antennas, plus an example of the level of KerbNet functionality on a probe core: CommNet has changed, no longer is all of Kerbin an antenna (seriously? ), thanks to @Mu there are now three equidistant ground stations on Kerbin--actual objects too: Another new feature: Now you can focus the camera on any part via the right-click menu ("Aim Camera"), i.e. Camera Focus Changer is now stock This is an example of aiming the camera at the big dish antenna:
  2. FEATURES: Note: Some of these may be incorrect or misinterpreted. [Stream]: Even faster loading time. (10-15 second load time) [Stream]: More Game Difficulty settings, including Comm Network, Advanced Settings, and Moddability for the Game Difficulty Settings Panel. [Stream]: Quicksaving and Quickloading from KSC. [Stream]: Weighted Contracts. Refuse Duna Contracts = Get Less Duna Contracts. [Stream]: Some parts have been changed in their purpose. [Stream]: O-10 "Puff" Monoprop Engine has been revamped, as has the little one-way RCS thruster. The Puff is now significantly larger. [Stream]: 5 different Antennas. Antennas break in the atmo. [Stream]: Advanced Tweakables: More Micromanagement, appears to be a system for changing the fuel flow among other things. It has to be enabled in settings. -[Stream]: Parachutes can be set to Deploy Immediately, Deploy when Risky, Deploy when Safe. -[Stream]: Autostrut allows for more rigid noodle rockets. Strut to Root Part or Heaviest Part. -[Stream]: Aim Camera tool to point and click and any part! Aim at the launch clamps or other vessel's parts and still control yours. -[Stream]: Limit Pitch/Roll/Yaw for engines. (Was that actually new?) [Stream]: Upgradeable parts in Career? (This is a modding possibility, not in stock.) [Stream]: Quit to Main Menu from Flight. [Stream]: Better, rewritten Aerodynamics. Seems to be more like FAR. Whole vessel shape taken into account, not just the individual parts. [Stream]: More Debug Menu Options. -[Stream]: Stock Set Orbit tool. Default sets you to 87km Kerbin Orbit. Allow with rendezvous with asteroids or vessels. It's SemiMajorAxis, not Altitude. You have to account for the radius of the planet. -[Stream]: Create Kerbals. Heck yes! No more config kerjiggering. Let's hope TextureReplacer mod will be able to modify this menu. You can even set them to be an orange suited Veteran, for some reason. -[Stream]: Hack Gravity allows you to set the gravity to whatever you want. All the way from 0 to 10 Gees. [Stream]: Experiment Storage Box. No longer require a Kerbal to go EVA to collect all the science from a vessel. It's a box-like shape. I hope we see a mod very soon that will give us a little conical capsule shaped return box. [Stream, Matt Lowne]: When you are out of comm range, you have limited probe control of the ship. Staging, SAS Autopilot, Science, and 100/0 percent throttle. [Matt Lowne]: You can have probes hibernate to conserve power, like how we used to limit battery consumption in the past. [Stream]: Planets and Moons will block communication. This is based on the celestial body sphere, not the terrain, and distant bodies will not block. (Mun will not block you at Duna) [Stream]: Ground Stations linked to Tracking Station Upgrades, and they seem to be fictitious locations rather than anything aboveground. EDIT: They are apparently real models. [Stream]: Looks like all cockpits and command pods have light-up windows now. [Stream]: Remote Guidance Units (circular probe cores) can be used in conjunction with Kerbal Pilots to control distant probe vessels. [Stream]: Hissing Sounds and new beautiful plumes for RCS. [Matt Lowne, Stream]: Antennas are based upon power, not range. Power = (Antenna 1 times Antenna 2)0.5 [Matt Lowne]: The best way to get science from an experiment is to recover, but having a good comms network can improve transmission value. [Stream]: EVA Kerbal Changes -[Stream]: Jetpack thruster plumes changed. -[Stream]: SAS can be toggled on EVA to remove the Automatic Orientation to Camera. -[Stream]: Kerbals seem to be a bit more wobbly, I hope this is fixed. [Stream]: Better Center of Lift/Pressure and Mass indicators for Spaceplanes. [Stream]: Wheels seem to work just fine now, even the problematic small wheels. [Stream]: KerbNet works on Plane Cockpits as well. [Stream]: A new Inline Antenna that will not break in the atmo. 3x heavier than the Communotron 16, won't break, same antenna characteristics. [Stream]: Lander Legs do not explode anymore. Kerbals will walk through them. Looks a little hacky tbh, but I guess it works. Danny is no doubt gonna find something fun with it. [Stream]: The green notification text looks a lot prettier. [Stream]: New Water Physics. Doesn't "Bounce up and down and freak out." Kerbals now stay above water. [Stream]: Something about relay logic. [Me]: Really, this CommNet stuff is really a gamechanger. But it's not gamechangey enough. We should have gotten life support as well, and have a life support/relay dichotomy that makes each have advantages and disadvantages. [Stream]: Best transmitter goes just about out to Eeloo, but it can be modified to allow OPM, RSS, and the like to work. [Stream]: Akinesis Gaming is done, The Read Panda is coming up next. [Stream]: The Rover Wheels work a lot better. [Stream]: The Read Panda on the update as a whole: "The Update to me really feels to me like they've taken the whole unity five thing to another level." [Stream]: MatoroIgnika first on stream to find a tracking station outside of KSC. It looks lower tech and it is more brownish, but it does move and track different targets like the KSC one. There are collidable segments (parts move along with the moving dish parts, but there are pieces of "invisible floors." Kerbals go limp if they go inside the actual dish. [Stream]: Tracking Stations are the same everywhere. [Devnotes]: New Fuel Flow Logic: It seems that fuel flows more reasonably and realistically. [Devnotes]: Telecommunications Network: You will have to have a communications link back to KSC if you want to control your probes. [Devnotes]: KerbNet computer system: A targeting and mapping system that will allow you to set targets and look at biomes. It will, however, require that you are hooked up to a comms station link on Kerbin internet connection, so on the bright side you will be able to play Pokemon Go. [Devnotes]: Additionally, another video of it: http://i.imgur.com/F8Wxvz3.gifv [Devnotes]: New Debug Menu UI and a whole lot of optimizations. (NOTE: I'm not sure if this actually shows the debug console as available to players, or as available to Squad in the editor) [Devnotes]: A whole lot more optimization as well. [Devnotes]: On the orbital mechanics side of things, have you ever noticed how close approaches sometimes jitter back and forth? That's because there's more than just two potential close points. Now all of the orbit crossings (if they exist) will be plotted. EDIT: More info [Devnotes]: Tweaks to SAS to make it act better. [Devnotes]: Wheels have been tweaked and updated, should be less buggy and have less limitations. [Devnotes]: You can toggle the Kerbal Reorientation when using the jetpack using the SAS key. [Devnotes]: Quite a bit of optimizations. [Devnotes]: The green outline highlighting has been enabled in the flight view as well, though I personally will probably be turning them off. [Devnotes]: Space Center Building interiors and exteriors have been retextured to look less awful. (If you ask me, the T1 has a much nicer shade of green than the previous blue, and the grey color definitely suits the T2 facilities better.) There's more stuff than this, and I'll be updating this post whenever I remember what that is. Prerelease I don't have any details yet, because I'm writing this thread in advance of it actually being announced, but we will have a prerelease available for testing at some point. I'd like to remind you--and this is important--that the pre-release version is not for playing in, it's not for having access to the next version early. It is primarily for testing the game for bugs and balance issues. I have been told something quite exciting for some players who want to help test the game: you will be able to get the prerelease builds through the store. Get Hyped my friends, and enjoy your ride on 1.2 Hype Train. Tickets, please. Moderator Note: The forum rule forbidding reaction images is suspended in this thread. Have fun! Keep the reaction images within the carriages at all times, please.
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