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  1. So, I finally got around to sending a re-designed U.S.S. Enterprise to Eve. I realized that they key to ensure maximum science (and potential funds) gains was not to expand the station into one mega-craft, as I have already established it was too risky. No, the key was to send a fleet of as many ships as I could while the launch window was open. Here's a list of what I already sent so far. U.S.S. Enterprise --> crew of seven (3 scientists, 2 engineers, 2 pilots), buttload of fuel and science gear and relays, not designed for landing. 2 x "Weather Satellites" --> has surface scanners to check for ore deposits on both Eve and Gilly. Will put in polar orbits upon arrival. 1 x Gilly Lander --> 3-man lander (send unmanned), capable of landing on the Mun and Minmus and back, intended for Gilly. May be too large for Gilly, so set landing speed to 0.2 m/s. 1 x "Transfer Pod" --> crew capacity of seven (send unmanned), intended to get crew on and off other ships (has claw for smaller ships or the Enterprise. I may just leave the Enterprise in Eve orbit and send the crew back in the pod if I have enough fuel in the pod. WARNING: if I send the pod to Eve's surface, it's stuck there forever. 1 x "Eve Rover" --> crew capacity of 5 (unmanned), Mun rover modified for Eve re-entry and landing. Landing tests on Kerbin resulted in rover intact. Has drills and ore converters 1 x "Gilly Probe" --> small unmanned lander destined for Gilly. 1 x "Eve Surface Probe" --> unmanned probe with buttload of science meant for Eve. Do you think I'm missing anything? I already have relays at Eve, so I think I'm good coverage-wise.
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