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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to KASA Adventures! Kinda sad that I never posted on this thread. Good thing I back up all my screenshots to iCloud now, so I can post stuff from anywhere! See you soon. - Emi
  2. This mod is now deprecated and has been replaced by PALETTE. Custom Kerbalized NASA flags! The pack includes custom-made KASA logos along with my TUFX profile. KASA Meatball Color, black, and white variants included. KASA Worm logo Black, white and red variants included. TUFX PROFILE My TUFX profile used Zorg's famous profiles as a base, and was partly inspired by the color grading in the opening scene of Gravity (2013). Included are 3 profiles: Emilius_Default: The default profile. Emilius_Default_Map: The default profile with motion blur disabled. Made for use in the map view. Emilius_Default_noAO: The profile, with ambient occlusion disabled. Meant for close-up screenshot taking, as AO can form weird shadow lines when the camera is close to a part. TUFX is (obviously) required. You can download it here. I highly recommend the TUFX profile is used in conjunction with other visual mods. For the demo screenshots below, I used EVE, Scatterer, PlanetShine, Distant Object Enhancement, Waterfall and RealPlume, along with the JNSQ planet pack. Demo Screenshots
  3. One Small Step Saturn Sarnus Lindor to the Stars Hello everyone! My name forum name is Misguided_Kerbal. You might have seen me around the forums, whether it's in KASA, the Megathread, or somewhere else. Alright, alright, enough with the intro. So, what is this? This is basically what the subtitle is. This is a kerbalized version of the Saturn program, with some ETS (Eyes Turned Skyward) stuff mixed into it. It'll be played in Sandbox, on 1.9.1, with many mods, with the most important being BDB and JNSQ. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! Chapter list: Introduction (This Post) Chapter 1: A New Beginning Chapter 2: Two is Better Than One Chapter 3: Testing, Testing... Chapter 4: Big is Better. Or is it? Chapter 5: Fly Me To The Mun, And Let Me Play Among The Stars! Chapter 6: The Show Must Go On Chapter 7: Go for Landing Interlude 1: The Meeting Introduction Ever since the dawn of time, Kerbals have maintained 2 qualities. The first was the ability to constantly look up. When a kerbal accidentally discovered gunpowder, his first idea was to see how high it went. The second quality was for them to maintain eerily peaceful. There had never been any wars on Kerbin, nor any conflicts. Kerbals rarely argued, and conflicts were always settled by peaceful means. Things on Kerbin were looking up, and kerbals started venturing into space, with the first Kerbal sent into LKO just a year after the space program was inaugurated. But just as it seemed that everything was well, tragedy struck. A huge asteroid slammed into Kerbin, and sent all of Kerbin into a nuclear winter. No longer did the Kerbals have the resources to look up. Instead, all Kerbals ventured underground, beneath the surface. After a hundred years, a few brave kerbals ventured up.... and to their astonishment, Kerbin was habitable again! And so, little by little, the Kerbals started going back up. A few kerbals even dared to look up again, flying high above the surface in winged contraptions. Over time, little by little, Kerbals once more began looking to the skies. As a new millennium approached, 200 years after the asteroid, Kerbals once more decided to start a new space program. Slowly but surely, the Kerbals built up a space center, and dared to dream again......
  4. By @Misguided_Kerbal Hello! I have been given permission by @Misguided_Kerbal to continue KASA 50 years later! This may or not be the same as KASA, but pictures and story writing will be as important as ever. But I had to remove some of the mods that the original used. Here's the list of mods I'm using. Kerbonauts: Jebediah Kerman Bill Kerman Bob Kerman Valentina Kerman Gene Kerman Wehrner Kerman 3 unnamed (Once I'm able to get 3 kerbals, I'll put them here.) SLV (Standard Launch Vehicle): This is in Science, we haven't advanced that far enough yet. Rocket Launches: Flag: To-do List: First kerbal from Mun. First satellite.
  5. (IMPORTANT! Read the last 2 replies!) KASA is being continued by @GuessingEveryDay as MASA! Hey guys, I'm Misguided_Kerbal and I'm pretty new to the forums. This is going to be my first Mission report. Before you read this, I would just like to mention that I'm still a noob, so many missions (if posted here) will probably be my first. I'm playing on sandbox in 1.9.1, with both DLCs. Now, moving on: Mod List: Flag: Kerbonaut Corps: I guess just Jeb, Bob, and Bill, because my astronaut corps is really glitchy. Rocket Launches: LLV-1/Netstar I: Comms satellite and first satellite in orbit. LLV-2/Netstar II: Comms satellite LLV-3/Netstar III: Comms satellite LLV-4/Netstar IV: Comms satellite CTV-1: First kerbals in orbit and first spacewalk CTV-2: Failed docking with CTV-3, but successfully rendezvoused CTV-3: Failed docking with CTV-2, but successfully rendezvoused HLV-1/Space Station: First space station, biggest rocket so far, to be named on CTV-4 CTV-4: Failed docking with Space Station, major failures CTV-5: Failed docking with Space Station, emergency crew transfer and EVA of Bob Kerman to Space Station CTV-6: Failed docking with Space Station, emergency crew transfer and EVA of Bill Kerman to Space Station, first flight of CTV v2 CTV-7: Rescue mission for Bill and Bob Kerman Muna-1/SLV-1: Failure, probe exploded in orbit Muna-2/SLV-2: First Munar probe, first Mun landing, was later destroyed Muna-3/SLV-3: Mun Relay Minmus-1/SLV-4: First Minmus probe, Minmus relay M1: Failed, successful abort M2: First kerballed Mun landing M3: Second kerballed Mun landing M4: Third kerballed Mun landing MN1: First Minmus landing MN2: Failed, crew successfully recovered CTV-8: Successful test flight of CTV v3 Satlink-1/HLV-2: Kerbin Relay Constellation ADT/SLV-5: Advanced docking target for CTV-9 CTV-9: Failed docking with ADT CTV-10: Failed docking with ADT CTV-11: Successful Docking with CTV Karson Space Telescope/SLV-2: Space Telescope CTV-12: Failure, crew successfully recovered SLV-6/DRACO/KASA-SS-2-1: Successful, minor failures, launch of Pioneer Station Module 1 SLV-7/HARL/KASA-SS-2-2: Successful, launch of Pioneer Station Module 2 SLV-8/MPCC/KASA-SS-2-3: Successful, launch of Pioneer Station Module 3 CTV-13: First docking to space station, first docking to Pioneer Station. CTV-14: First use of automated systems, docked to Pioneer Station. SLV-9/Moho-1: Successful failure, probe launched successfully but missed the launch window to Moho SLV-10/Jool-1: Failure, probe exploded on the launchpad. SLV-11/Eeloo-1, successful launch and Eeloo insertion performed CTV-16: Successful first flight of CTV+, Munar Flyby SLV-12/Viking I: Successful launch of Viking Station's first module SLV-13/Viking II: Successful launch of Viking Station's Second Module SLV-14/Viking III: Successful launch of Viking Station's Third Module SLV-15/MOSES: Successful launch of Moho probe SLV-16/Duna Explorer: Successful launch of Duna probe and lander SLV-17/Viking IV: Successful launch of Viking Station transfer stage CTV-17: Successful docking with Viking Station Munflight 1: Successful landing on the Mun and rendezvous with Viking Station Spaceplane Launches: X-1-1: Suborbital test flight of the X-1 X-1.2-1: First SSTO X-1.2-2: Failure, successful abort X-2-1: Partial failure, first flight of Mk2 hypersonic fuselage system X-3-1: Failure, suborbital Mk2 launch. X-4-1: Vertical launch spaceplane, failure. X-4-ES-94-1: A modified ES-94 "DART" spaceplane for testing purposes X-5-1: Successful first flight of the X-5 To-do list: See here (The Continuation of KASA):
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