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Found 2 results

  1. If you found this error in the in-game console, which opens by pressing (ALT+F12); low fps when orbiting or in Luna multiplayer. You need to go to your server folder and find the universe folder and then the ships folder. Then check the txt files and find ships that are not in your universe and delete those txt files. If the error persists, delete all the txt files. Disclaimer: if you delete these files, all your ships will be destroyed, but I guess it's better than experiencing those damn lags. you can send me donations by paypal: paypal.me/demikeua
  2. Hi, I recently started having huge memory leaks in ksp. I tried getting the 1.2 version back instead, but that made it even worse. It happens only in the vab/plane hangar. It happens when I press ctrl+z/x/c/v or just at regular random Intervals. I have 16 gb of ram, and when I start building(even vehicles with less than 50 parts) It gets more often and often until it's unplayable and I have to save/reload game. My memory usage at a point shoots up from 4 gb out of 16gb being used by the system AND ksp,- to 14 gb being used by ksp alone. I saw people calling these problems Memory Leaks, as I'm not too familiar with this term I'm guessing it means an absurd amount of ram usage :). System specs: CPU-Intel Core i3-6100 --3.70GHz GPU-Radeon RX 580 4gb vram RAM- 4 sticks of Hyperx fury 4gb ram, in total 16 Gb I use an m.2 ssd for my operating system and games that don't take up mutch space(I.e Kerbal Space Program). And a 3tb hard drive for everything else. I tried reinstalling the game, uninstalling mods(helped a tiny bit, but didn't solve the issue completely), verifying the game files, running game as admin. I found some people having the same problem, but didn't find a clear answer to any of them. All of these problems started appearing after the 1.3 update up. I love playing realism overhaul, and it recently updated to 1.3 so did I. But it ended up not as fun as I'd expected it to be. Any help would be appreciated ^^
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