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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! Recently I have experienced a problem with FPS in KSP. But it's quite unusual. Ihave launched a probe to Duna. Everything was going fine until the moment I started braking to get into a Duna orbit. My FPS from about 55-60 dropped down to 15! BUT, the FPS goes back to 60 when I timewarp (10x or more). I switched to another satellite orbiting Duna, but everything is ok with it. Any help would be appreciated, because it is a bit uncomfortable to play with such FPS.
  2. HELP I am building a stock replica of the USS ENTERPRISE, I don't know how to show a picture of it. My problem is that my engines are not powerful enough/ don't burn long enough. I want it to have fair twr (from 1.00 to 0.50) and a long burn time (from 1h to 30m) I can't get this but I see giant stock sstos online and on youtube... I only need it to burn for 1 hour and I can refuel at my station. But it keeps running out of fuel. For instance I went to Duna once and I had enough fuel to go from low-kerbin-orbit (LKO) to intercept of duna but no closer. I tried many engine configurations and many different fuel and thrust values but I always go the same distance The fuel makes the engines last longer but makes the thrust less due to its weight. I need a solution to this problem and I can even give the craft file if you want. No memes or unrelated content plz, and no useless content either... Thanks in advance - A FAT KERBAL
  3. I currently have a windows 10 PC. Running 32 bit KSP and It gets super low frame rates while flying but runs perfectly in the SPH or VAB. There is low gpu usage while flying idling at 300mhz and drops to zero usage while flying. I have just upgraded my GPU from a R7 260X to a R9 380X and the card is good. It runs any other game I throw at it with no problems. This is the Steam version of the game it is a fresh install. PC specs: FX-8350 @ 4.2ghz 16 gb of ram R9 380X copy of output log:
  4. Hey guys, I just bought KSP and I'm experiencing very very low fps in 1.0.5, I'm playing with -force-opengl and only with Chaka Mod. I'm getting 8 FPS while in orbit facing only 2 vessels, same 8-10 fps in KSC and all the time. My pc: FX-8320 3.50 GHz HD7770 OC 64GB Sandisk SSD 8GB ram I'm not even playing the game at 1080, got it on 1600x900 windowed mode, all graphics on low. here some screens:
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