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Found 9 results

  1. KSP1 has "DeltaV planning" (sort of). It supplied the number of seconds of burn required to achieve that DeltaV. Players then learned to calculate a burn solution to achieve the desired DeltaV. A bit of crude math, but it works well enough, I never had issues. KSP2 has "Burn planning". It figures out exactly when to start/stop a burn based on your spaceship (engines/staging/fuel). This is a cool concept using some improved math, but it DOES NOT REPLACE the original DeltaV planning - mainly because it doesn't work if the vessel doesn't have enough fuel, or isn't stage correctly. I started playing KSP2 again with Exploration mode now out, and my ship ran out of fuel and will need a rescue for Valentina. I discovered since I was out of fuel that I couldn't even create a maneuver node anymore. This is really frustrating. KSP2 still needs to have DeltaV planning. I suggest coming up with a way to plan DeltaV changes, and then on top of that a mechanism to "calculate engine burn solution". Everyone playing KSP2 loves space and exploring it in their own way, but I can't be the only one who finds this new system to be lacking something. I might learn to adjust to the new system (I have other frustrations though), but it still needs to have a way to handle the "not enough fuel" case and still let me play with maneuvers. Maybe I will refuel a ship or jettison shuttles, or a multitude of other things, some of them possibly irrational (but not all of them). I feel I'm on to something when I say "DeltaV planning" and "burn planning" are two separate things though, and that might be the root of the problem here. In KSP1 players could do the burn planning approximation without too much fuss, but in KSP2 you've taken away the ability to do open-ended DeltaV planning with the tools available, and this is supposed to be VERY open-ended and fun (it is still a game after all).
  2. I've been playing 1.11 w/ MechJeb2 installed for a few days. I've seen the warning at startup (of course) that MJ2 isn't compatible, so I've been proceeding w/ caution, but until today it seemed to function normally for executing maneuver nodes, landings, and ascent guidance. That ended this morning. I have two ships (A and B) docked in Mun orbit; I have a station waiting for them to return to it. I separate them, and use MJ2 to set up nodes for ship A to a) match planes; b) rendezvous with the station; and c) match velocity. I execute the first node, then manually warp up to 1000x to quickly get to the second node, then let MJ2 execute the remaining 2 nodes. When I return to ship B, I find that all four of ship B's RCS thrusters on the command pod appear to be firing. None of the other RCS thrusters appear to be active, just the command pod's thrusters. I say 'appear' because the RCS is turned off (according to the navball), and no monopropellant is being used, as evidenced by the resources pop-out (upper right corner), or the command pods info screen when I right-click. And the ship isn't changing position (as evidenced by the navball). But both the visual and audio indicators show that the pod's RCS is active. If I start with ship B, the same thing happens for ship A. I was in the process of trying to narrow it down , by restoring and checking back with the ship that was left behind after each node, and the problem seems to occur after warping up to 1000x. Unfortunately, I can't seem to verify that categorically because as I was repeating the scenarios, MJ2 began to fail to execute the nodes. I'd set up all the nodes as described above, MJ2 would warp to the first node, but then not fire the engine. I verified that there's plenty of fuel and the engine was active, but the candle won't light. I've used these ships and this sequence several times under 1.10. I've restarted both KSP and my computer several times. And I've verified the files from the Steam Library. I've not seen an update for MJ2 for KSP 1.11, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not looking in the right place; if one exists, I'd appreciate a link to it. I should probably try removing MJ2 altogether and setting the nodes manually to confirm whether or not MJ2 is really where the failure is happening, but I find that MJ2 makes the game eminently more playable by automating some of the more tedious tasks, now that I know how to do them, so I'm loathe to play without it. I'm a bit of a KSP newbie, so any suggestions, while they will be appreciated, may require some explanation.
  3. I am a relatively new player to the game. (X oxone)However whenever I try to use manuver nodes to match the inclination of other objects all I can do is adjust the ecliptic I am currently in. In essence I can not cant my orbit on the Y axis. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm using Realism Overhaul and RP-0, along with a whole host of other mods for this playthrough. I do have Mission Control and the Tracking Station upgraded to level 2. Yet for some reason maneuver nodes are unavailable to me. For a brief time while ascending through the atmosphere I can click on my blue line flightpath and place a node, but once I get high enough and transition to space, my flightpath line turns pink and I can no longer click on it. Also, I cannot right-click on other ships, moons, or planets to make them targets. I can't rendezvous with anything, or leave Earth orbit. Essentially, I can't play the game. I'm not sure if this is MechJeb, Principia, or some other mod that's blocking it, or perhaps a setting I haven't found yet, or a genuine bug. Please help. Many thanks and appreciation to you all.
  5. Controller - Radial Preset Console - PS4 I am trying to get an aerobraking trajectory for Duna with a small lander but when editing maneuver nodes from halfway around the Kerbol orbit I am getting wild swings in the distances and completely unable to fine tune my periapsis below 30KM with the Ham-Fisted default maneuver planning. For example, I will barely press the joystick to move the maneuver node axis I want to edit and get a 600K KM swing in my periapsis. This is not a problem on the computer version of KSP as my mouse is more fine tuned than the controller joystick. The game claims holding L1 will allow me to edit more precisely but this just switches the axis of maneuver that I am editing. Whats the deal here? Is there a way to actually edit the maneuver node so I can potentially aerobrake and efficiently guide my craft to landing on Duna, or do I need to over-engineer the excrements out of the thing so I can have an extra 2km/s delta-V just for a circulization burn? Thanks for any help.
  6. So far I'm very happy with the commnet mechanic. There is one thing I'd ask of it, tho: the ability to remove completed (or missed, for that matter) maneuver nodes in partial control. That way, I can set multiple nodes in succession, hit the Maneuver Node pilot mode, do the maneuvers at full throttle and hit the green checkmark (or the red x if my maneuver wasn't goot enough - eh, you preprogrammed the probe and it didn't perform 100% as expected, life's harsh), and the ship will point to the next one.
  7. I'm currently attempting to dock with another ship in orbit around kerbin. I've already gotten into orbit and set up all the maneuver nodes I need to to align myself with the other ship. Right now, my only issue is the interception. I've been told I can delay the maneuver nodes in order to get the interception nodes close together, but every time I delay the first maneuver mode, it messes up every other node and I don't understand why that's happening. Could someone please explain how delaying these nodes works?
  8. I'm a recovering Mechjeb addict and am currently learning to fly my rockets all by myself (basically, I'm learning to play the game again). I have no problem with flying onto a suborbital trajectory, but when I go to create my circularization burn, I can't seem to get a near-perfect orbit, and am clueless when it comes to exexuting precise maneuver nodes. Does anyone have any trips?
  9. So for awhile now, I've had this great idea when you make maneuver nodes there should be an edit box that has the numbers of the altitude for periapsis and apoapsis. So instead of guessing the altitude of the maneuver you can simply enter the numbers into the edit box and get the precise ordit you want Does anyone have the slightest idea on how to accomplish this?
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