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Found 1 result

  1. I've been trying to complete contracts to scan mun craters with the scanning arm and bring mun stone back to kerbin. I've landed a rover and small ship on the moon in the biomes where it tells me the features will be but I cannot find any anywhere. I have done my best to search this issue on here and reddit but no solutions yet. - My save was created recently (long after the BG DLC was installed) and I have checked my persistent file in my save folder to check that it has a valid ROC seed which other posts say should mean surface features are active. - I have turned terrain scatter down to 0 so there is literally nothing on the surface and mun stone should stand out. - I've also used the debug menu to turn on the surface feature finder but I see no indicators. - I have double checked the BG expansion is installed on steam - I have tried multiple biomes across large sweeping areas and I have not found a single crater or mun stone and I am out of places to search for answers. Any help would be massively appreciated.
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