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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to file download my mods because my ckan is being weird and id rather just launch normally without ckan anyway and I have kopernicus and outer planets but I'm not sure how to distribute the files and stuff if I could get a tutorial on yt or like a text for tutorial because I'm so confused I load all the separation of file that make scenes and the planets flat out don't show up idk how to really ask for support either so if you need something id be happy to help you help me just want egg moon back.
  2. If you play KSP with both stock planets and the modded planets from the Outer Planets mod, you probably use the Combined Community delta-V map to get the dV numbers for all planets, be it modded or stock. Unfortunately, Eeloo gets moved around in the Outer Planets mod, and after a few miscalculations and several ruined missions, I decided to tweak the chart to show the figures for both the stock AND the Outer Planets versions of Eeloo. Enjoy! NOTE: 99% of the work on this map was not done by me (see credits in the top left). This is just a little Eeloo fix so this map works for both modded and stock KSP. Original map here:
  3. This is my mission report thread (and this is my first topic in this forum too) , it's about my space adventures , an invention and tortures(or even kills)Kerbals, I hope you are going to enjoy with my stuff in this topic (sorry about my English, that's not my first language)
  4. This is similar to the Jool 5 Challenge, but for OPM. You may not use mining. You can assemble/refuel in LKO. You can refuel your craft in LKO from an asteroid, Mun, or Minimus, if you want, however. The whole craft must travel to the destination together. Type 1: Sarnus 5 Challenge Start with 200 points. Land on Tekto, Slate, Ovok, Hale, and Eeloo. Type 2: Urlum 4 Challenge Start with 150 points. Land on Priax, Wal, Tal, and Polta Type 3: Neidon/Plock Challenge Start With 300 points. Land on Nissee, Thatmo, Plock, and Karen. If you are doing this type in RSS, you'll need RSS extended. Rules: No tweakscale. No non-stock engines. Minus one point for every three parts(reusable launchers will help you). Do it in science mode, and cheat yourself enough science to unlock all the nodes. This way, you can know how much science you earned. +1 point for every 20 science. No labs. Bonuses: Use any life support mod: X2 Use any autopilot: /2 Do an unmanned mission: /4 Bring a rover: 10 points per rover. You can reuse rovers, but you can't count multiple rovers per planet. Use a plane on Tekto: +50. Use a plane on Thatmo: +100 Fly a plane/blimp in the lower atmosphere of a gas giant: +100. Kill a kerbal:-100 per kerbal Couldn't climb down to surface: -10 per failure to plant a flag Assembled using space planes: X2 Refueled via Mun/Minimus/Asteroid: X2 Used RO: X2 Used RSS or rescaled kerbin: X2 Kept the kerbals without adequate habitation volume on the mothership: /4 Impress me: X4 Good luck! Example: I didn't really launched a Neidon- Plock mission. I used RSS, so I had to land on Triton, Neried, Pluto, and Charon. I kept the kerbals in the 3 person pod the entire trip. I launched a blimp to Neptune. The ladder wouldn't deploy on triton. I used Mecjeb. Score: 390*2/4 is 195 points. Leader board 1. @JacobJHC -1037.5 2. 3. 4. 5.
  5. Hi! I've been struggling to find a way to install the outer planets mod for KSP, because it's my very first mod. i have installed tons of different versions of Kopernicus, and different versions of the planet pack, trying them in all of KSP's versions from when the mod was released up to 1.3.1, and i always get 3 results: 1st: everything starts out OK, as the game loads up i can see items from the planet pack being loaded, but once i get into the main menu, a screen pops up saying there was an error in the loading process, and loading your saves is not recommended, because it could corrupt them. if i ignore this message and start a new save, it leads into the second result. 2nd: everything is OK until i either continue a save or make a new one. i then get an infinite loading screen with the KSC night crickets playing in the background. i have given this loading screen hours to do anything, and nothing happened. 3rd: the game goes up to the KSC, and when i check the tracking station, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon and Plock are nowhere to be found. I have been trying to install the mod for 2 days now, and these three results keep coming up with no matter what advice i take and what combination of Kopernicus, OPM and KSP updates i try. it's really frustrating! If anyone can help me, for example a combo of KSP, Kopernicus and OPM that works, it would be much appreciated! thanks!
  6. I installed OPM and a bunch of mods so I wanted to try and send something out there. I made a simple probe and launched it. This is the rocket I sent it with. I didn't take any screenshots from the launch because I wasn't expecting to post it here (I did the rocket screenshots after I finished the mission) Performing the burn that will take me to an encounter... Already on my way! Making a mid-course correction to adjust my trajectory... Taking into account I could go closer to Sarnus, it gives me a pretty powerful gravity-assist, this could be useful when going to the further planets. I noticed Custom Asteroids mod created an asteroid in orbit of Sarnus! (Or it got captured somehow) And the relay network I set up in keostationary orbit around Kerbin so I could control the probe out there. The final stretch takes a LONG time because of the low orbital velocity around Kerbol. Hello Sarnus! Setting a maneuver node... I noticed that I have a lot of extra delta-v, should I try going to Tekto or another planet? Capture burn! Orbit achieved. Sun is distant and the energy I get is very little. I must take this into account for future missions by bringing extra batteries or RTGs A few screenshots: Eeloo orbit is closer than expected, but not enough to get an encounter. Sooo this mission is done until I decide if I should go to one of the moons. I'm enjoying the OPM
  7. I am facing an issue with OPM. I have downloaded OPM 2.0 and Kopernicus 1.1.1 (since OPM said that it works best with that version), and I am using KSP v1.1.0. I did everything I was supposed to do, moving the right folders inside the Game Data folder, like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3ekev6fqp6uls8/Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.32.48 PM.png?dl=0 However, the mods don't work. While loading the game, there is no compatibility warning. Everything works fine. When I open a world though and go to the tracking station, there are no planets to be seen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymzkofm1dysyqs1/Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.31.35 PM.png?dl=0 Why is that?
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