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  1. PURE Electric Engines You wanted electric engines without needing additional fuels, now you have them. This set of engines allows you to go FULL GREEN and only use Batteries and/or Solar power. OH ME OH MY! On Duna Helicopters now fly! Yes my friends, as of the last update to Pure, we are up to EC11! Added in are side mounted fans, Helicopter blades, EC RCS, and a high alt Trekker engine for REAL speedsters. Prosimian Productions has teamed up with us here and he created beautiful set of Star Trek based engines and they are fantastic! Take your builds to the next level with PURE Electric Engines! The basic engines have thrust based on the stock engine. EC1 "Pure" Max Thrust = 25 Size = 0.625 Comparable to Juno EC2 "PsyOclone" Max Thrust = 80 (125) Size = 1.25 Normal & Performance modes (afterburner) Comparable to Panther EC3 "Manleneto" Max Thrust = 100 (170) Size = 1.25 Atmospheric & ExtrAtospheric modes (orbital) Comparable to Rapier EC4 "ElecTrek" Max Thrust = 200 (400) Size = 1.25 Comparable to Rapier (Star Trek Nacelles) EC5 "ElecTrek Heavy" Max Thrust = 300 (620) Size = 2.5 Comparable to Rapier (Star Trek Nacelles) 4-18-2022 Added MOAR! Parts. This time for Rovers! 3 Wheels, 2 Chassis, EC Generator, Steel Beam, 2 Glass Panes, 1 adapter, 2 Lead weights! They are all tough as nails, so go all out and crash! Go from 0-40 m/s in 9 seconds and jump that crater! YOU are back in control of rovers and survivability! Embrace your inner Kerman Knievel! https://spacedock.info/mod/1998/Pure Electric Engines License: MIT
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